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Jobless Couple Wins £50,000 in the Lotto, Blows It All, Begs the Government for Help

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If you won £50,000 in the lottery tomorrow, what would you do with it?

Well, no matter what you answer, you would have to try really hard to sound as stupid as the following story.

Jamie and Abbie Hort won £50,000 ($72,818 USD) in the Channel Islands Lottery in 2014. Somehow, they managed to blow through the whole amount in less than a year on what sounds like a bunch of crap. Trips, expensive dinners, designer clothes, and a 50″ big screen TV.

After running out of cash and getting evicted twice, they ran to the government begging for help.

Via the Daily Mail:

We had no other income source so the money was going on things like food. Sometimes we were spending £70 ($102USD) a day on food.

The couple, who blew all of their prize money in a year, have been refused benefits.

‘We were a bit silly with it, it could have lasted a lot longer, I’ll admit that. But all we want now is some help.’

‘It has been quite upsetting. We are not scroungers. We just don’t have any money and we think the Government should be there to help us.’

Wow. You know, while it may not be a fortune, for some people that’d still be a life-changing amount of money, and look what these two did with it.

Worse, these people seem like walking clichés.

First you have the lovely commentary of Mrs. Hort on Facebook, whining about her ruined Christmas and community backlash over their attitude about deserving government handouts for essentially failing at life:



Then you have the specialness (yes, it isn’t a word and still somehow applies here) of Mr. Hort:

Mr. Hort, 29, who was jailed for six months in 2012 for spitting into a woman’s mouth while he had Hepatitis C, said the couple’s money ran out just before Christmas and admitted they had been ‘a bit silly’ with it.

He said if the money had not run out they would not be asking for help. The couple, who have two sons aged four and two, are currently living off handouts from Mr. Hort’s mother.

Three years ago a court heard she went to Mr. Hort’s family home with another woman after her son had a fight with his then-girlfriend.

As Mrs. Hort went to call the police, her son slapped her around the ear. He then turned to the other woman and spat.

Mr. Hort, who was awaiting sentencing for using threatening behaviour while brandishing an axe and a hammer at the time of the offence, admitted two counts of assault and one of using threatening behaviour.


You know, it’s like that one time when you were awaiting sentencing for threatening behavior while brandishing and axe and a hammer and spitting in a woman’s mouth while infected with Hep C?

Yes, these are just the sort of people every taxpayer can’t wait to support.

*Article by Melissa Dykes

The Washington Standard

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