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John Kerry Claimed Al-Qaeda is “Neutralized” the Day Before Al Qaeda Carried Out Attack in Mali!

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I wish that the Obama administration would just stop trying to pretend that they have defeated Islamic terrorism.

Last week, President Obama told ABC News that we had “contained” ISIS. The next day, ISIS wreaked havoc on the streets of Paris, killing more than 120 people and wounding hundreds of others.

Exactly one week later, John Kerry went before the media and said that we have “neutralized” Al Qaeda:

We’re confident that if we stay steady, and our heads in thinking creatively but also being strong and committed to our fundamental value, we’re going to defeat Daesh. We began our fight against al-Qaeda in 2001 and it took us quite a few years before we were able to eliminate Osama bin Laden and their leadership and neutralize them as an effective force. So hopefully we will be able to do Daesh much faster than that.

(When he says “Daesh” he is speaking of ISIS.)

Great story, bro.

Only one problem with that… we haven’t neutralized jack-squat. ISIS was once officially connected to Al Qaeda (as Al Qaeda in Iraq). Al Qeada also remains very powerful in Libya, Syria (where they are called Ansar al Sharia), they’ve actually grown more powerful in Yemen, are doing just fine in Pakistan and they almost conquered Mali!

In fact, let’s stay in Mali, because that is where John Kerry’s argument was proven false most recently.

The day after Kerry’s boneheaded “neutralized” statement, Al-Mourabitoun (which is an offshoot of Al Qaeda operating in Mali) launched an attack on the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bamako, Mali killing at least 27 people after taking more than 100 others captive. The terrorists spared the lives of most of their Muslim captives and tried to kill “only” the infidels among the crowd, before the Mailian military along with American special forces and a unit of French soldiers stormed the hotel and freed the captives.

Some of the attackers armed with AK-47s drove to the hotel around 7 a.m. in a car marked with diplomatic plates, Olivier Saldago, a spokesman for the United Nations mission in Mali, told CNN.

The army of attackers burst into the lobby screaming “Allahu Akbar” — which means “God is great” in Arabic — before firing on the guards and taking hostages, Malian army commander Modibo Nama Traore said. Some of the gunmen also had grenades, a witness said.

So, last week Obama says ISIS is contained and the next day they attack Paris. This week Kerry says Al Qaeda is “neutralized” and they attack Mali. Can we ask the yammering loons that make up the Obama administration to JUST STOP TALKING. Every time they open their mouths our enemies prove how foolish they are, it would be safer for President Obama and his cronies to simply keep their mouths shut when it comes to Islam, terrorism and foreign policy in general.

*Article by Onan Coca

The Washington Standard