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John Stossle Breaks Down Cost Of Democrats’ Free Stuff Offer That Costs Taxpayers

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Another Democratic Party presidential nominee debate has ended among the cookie-cutter contenders offering “free stuff”.  Again, unable to sit through the lies, deception and outright disdain for the majority of Americans, others suffered through to fill the internet alternative news pages full of the CNN (Corruption News Network) aired liededis-fest (lies, deception, disdain).  But, one thing can be said for the candidates vying for the Democratic presidential nomination, they have tapped into the one thing that most Americans love – free stuff, in order to “buy” votes without ever being questioned on the cost or who is going to pay.

Let’s be honest here – who doesn’t love free stuff?  The answer is none;  only there is nothing in this material world that is ever free.  Do you want free shipping on items?  Yes.  Well then, you have to spend the required amount in order to get it, which that required amount is more than what you would normally spend plus the added shipping.  Gotcha!  Do you want this wonderful four-piece tote bag set?  Yes;  then, you must spend a minimum amount to get it using a code and forego free shipping.  Again, gotcha!  Either way, you end up paying for something that is billed as “free”.

The same goes with these Democrat hacks offering their “freebies” to any and everyone inside the borders of the united States of America.  But, the difference is that none of the candidates ever places a price tag to their “vision”, which ends up dancing around the eyeballs of millions of gullible Americans like sugar plums dancing in the heads of children at Christmas time.  Fortunately, John Stossel and his team calculated the costs of these “federal freebies” offered by the candidates during the CNN liededis-fest.  And, the numbers aren’t pretty.

WND reports:

Never before have presidential candidates offered voters so much “free” stuff.

Kamala Harris wants you to “collect up to $500 a month.”

Elizabeth Warren says, “We need to go tenfold in our research and development in green energy.”

No one has tracked the cost of all of the promises. So my video team did!

Who will spend the most?

Here are the new spending proposals from the five most popular (according to ElectionBettingOdds.com) candidates.

In my latest video, we break it down by category, education spending first:

Joe Biden wants to “triple the amount of money we spend for Title I schools” ($32 billion) create “universal pre-K” ($26 billion), provide “free community college” ($6 billion per year) and double the number of psychologists and social workers in schools ($14 billion) – $78 billion total.

That’s a lot, but much less than what Kamala Harris would spend.

She too wants to “make community college free” ($6 billion), but she’d add debt-free “four-year public college” ($80.1 billion), “increase government’s investment in child care” dramatically ($60 billion) and “give the average public school teacher a $13,000 raise” ($31.5 billion) for a total of $177 billion.

Pete Buttigieg rarely says what his proposals would cost, but he at least seems to want to spend less than Harris.

He touts “free college for low- and middle-income students” and would give teachers more money. Assuming his plan is like Harris’, that brings his education total to $87 billion.

Elizabeth Warren would spend much more.

“You’ll be debt-free!” she tells students. Taxpayers, unfortunately, will be deeper in debt, since she would “forgive” most existing student debt and make public college tuition free ($125 billion).

She also wants a “Universal Child Care and Early Learning Act” ($70 billion).

These big-ticket items put her in first place so far.

But wait! Bernie Sanders would spend even more.

He’d completely “eliminate student debt,” “make public colleges and universities tuition-free” and provide universal day care and pre-K. That totals $280 billion, so Sanders “wins” in education spending.

I assumed the self-described socialist would be the biggest spender, but he’s got lots of competition! Let’s look at health care spending.

Harris, Sanders and Warren all propose “Medicare for All,” including for people here illegally.

Sanders goes further, saying, “Under our plan, people go to any doctor they want.” He admits it will cost between $3 trillion and $4 trillion per year, about what the government now spends on everything. How will he pay for that? Well, somehow the rich will pay. Or Martians. Somebody.

Sanders, Harris and Warren all said they’d ban private health insurance – although Harris now says she’d let private companies sell “Medicare plans” that “adhere to strict Medicare requirements on costs and benefits.” She also claims her “Medicare for All” will be cheaper than Sanders’ version, but as of now there is no independently calculated cost.

When it comes to the environment, all Democratic candidates but Biden say they support the Green New Deal, which Republicans say would cost $93 trillion. For our ranking, I went with the lowest estimate we could find: An economist who likes the idea says it will cost around $500 billion a year.

Welfare? Harris would increase benefits and have the government pay your rent if it’s over 30 percent of your income ($94 billion), and Friday she offered $75 billion to black colleges and minority entrepreneurs.

Warren wants to spend more ($50 billion) on housing.

Sanders would increase food stamps for kids ($10.8 billion), boost Social Security benefits ($19 billion) and guarantee everyone a government job ($158 billion), for a total of $187.8 billion.

President Donald Trump, who says America will never be a socialist country, hasn’t been a responsible spender either.

Since he took office, spending increased about $500 billion per year. Trump did propose some cuts, but when Congress ignored his cuts and increased spending, he signed the bills anyway.

Now he says he’d spend even more: $200 billion a year for infrastructure, $8.6 billion for the border wall construction, $1.6 billion for more NASA funding and on and on, for a total of $267 billion.

We can’t afford it! The federal government is already $22 trillion in debt – $150,000 per taxpayer.

While Trump’s $267 billion is bad, the Democrats’ plans are worse. We counted $297 billion proposed by Biden, $690 billion from Buttigieg, $3.8 trillion from Warren, $4 trillion from Sanders and $4.3 trillion from Harris. That would double what the entire federal government spends now.

Sen. Harris “wins” the free stuff contest.

Taxpayers lose.

As Stossel points out, these are just the highlights – so far.  There is not one household in America that could maintain solvency on the way our federal government spends.  And, in case you missed it, all this spending for “free stuff” means more federal government control over every American’s life.  More control means less freedom.  Not only will the beast grow bigger, taking more of your hard-earned money for “free stuff” you won’t see, but it will encroach on more “free”doms than ever before.

For those students and parents who beg for “free college”, the USSR did that but it was only for the very tight-knit politically tied individuals.  In other words, with “free stuff” comes rationing.  But, no one really sees the man behind the curtain because Democrats keep that curtain tightly closed.  Unfortunately, even when that man is exposed, “free stuff” dazed Americans refuse to see it, concentrating instead on how they can get the taxpayer to pay for things they believe they are owed.

And what about the “Green New Deal” spending?  It’s a ruse to look like the government is doing something about the “climate change” ruse.  How does Elizabeth Warren propose to have everything for the military manufactured in America when industry has left America and the “Green New Deal” kills any industry?  No one is thinking about that.  And, with the AOC contrived “Green New Deal”, Americans will be lucky to have unspoiled food to eat, if getting any food at all in some places.

These charlatans are doing nothing but trying to buy votes with the promise of “free stuff” in order to implement a socialist/communist type of government that will zap what few freedoms are left, which aren’t many.  Promises are cheap;  it’s actions that mean the most.

And, don’t think that Republicans are off the hook.  They have done no better at fiscal responsibility.  President Trump has signed atrocious spending bills that place America closer to the fiscal cliff and indebted taxpayers even more.  Do you have $150,000 to pay your share of that debt created on YOUR behalf?  Not many Americans do.  So, why support more?  Let’s say every taxpaying American has that $150,000 to pay their portion of that debt.  If you gave it to the government to “get out of debt”, the government would turn around and incur more debt since it would then be “debt-free”.  It’s a never-ending cycle.

What happens when the debt reaches so high that it cripples the government and the services it provides?  Ever heard the old saying, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket?”  What happens to state and local governments when the federal government assumes control of provisions that fall under their jurisdiction?  Hunger Games, anyone?

But, low information, critical thinking devoid, anti-constitutional Americans will keep buying the “free” shipping and “free” tote bag scheme offered by charlatan, corrupt politicians on both sides of the aisle until they realize that the famous analogy was right all along – when you dance, someone has to pay the fiddler.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

Suzanne Hamner

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.
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