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Judge: FBI has “Overwhelming Evidence” of Hillary Clinton’s Guilt

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In a recent interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, Judge Andrew Napolitano had some very bad news for Hillary Clinton and those hoping that she’ll be our next President. The Fox host asked the Judge where the FBI was in their investigation and what we should be expecting to see next?

Judge Napolitano: The FBI is at the very end of its investigation. It’s in about the second to last phase. It has invited Mrs. Clinton’s five closest advisors, former and president, many of them are now with her in her campaign in for interviews, they have hired their same lawyer and they have agreed to go in.

The two men then went back in forth in discussion about when Clinton’s cronies would be speaking with the FBI and whether or not Clinton herself would also be speaking with investigators. Finally, O’Reilly asked the Judge why he had chosen to publicly pronounce Clinton’s guilt before a proper trial could be carried out. He also wondered if such a pronouncement was unfair. Napolitano held nothing back.

O’Reilly: Now, you have been on record in stay saying that she broke the law. You, the judge, have convicted her on television. Are you ashamed?

Judge Napolitano: No. Not at all. The evidence of her guilt is overwhelming.

O’Reilly: To who?

Judge Napolitano: Overwhelming to anybody who observed what she did and knows what the overwhelming —

O’Reilly: Then it has to be overwhelming to the bureau then, right?

Judge Napolitano: Absolutely. The bureau would know more about it than what I do.

O’Reilly: So, if what you are say something is right. The evidence against Hillary Clinton is overwhelming. To you, a judge, it has to be overwhelming to the FBI. So, therefore, they have to recommend that Loretta Lynch prosecute.

Judge Napolitano: And then the issue becomes political.

O’Reilly: Well, we don’t want to get into that now. We’re only concerned about what the FBI says. All right?

Judge Napolitano: The FBI has enough evidence to indict and to convict just on the public record.

O’Reilly: And you are 100 percent certain of that?

Judge Napolitano: Absolutely. Without a doubt whatsoever. Whether they will indict is another issue.

O’Reilly: We will deal with that once the FBI steps up and tells the folks what they’re going to do. But, see, the process here is confusing because there is politics involved. Everybody knows that.

Judge Napolitano: Yes.

O’Reilly: You know, and they could delay it until, what? Next December, could they?

Judge Napolitano: Theoretically they could.

O’Reilly: They could.

Judge Napolitano: I don’t think they want to. I think that Jim Comey, the director of the FBI —

O’Reilly: Do you like him by the way Comey?

Judge Napolitano: Yes, I do. He is a very, very straight shooter. He’s very a- political. If he makes a serious recommendation for indictment.

O’Reilly: They have to do it.

Judge Napolitano: And the political forces in the Justice Department say no, I wouldn’t be surprised if he resigns.

Article posted with permission from Eagle Rising.

The Washington Standard

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