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Kari Lake No Match For Election Fraud

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They s**t on us in broad daylight. This is what a mark feels like after a sting.

They drag these theatrics on for over a week to tyrannize us and while statistically impossible, all the elections “counts” that go on for days and weeks almost always go to the Democrats.

Remember how back in OCTOBER, the AP and FOX 10 Arizona ran the results of this election?

The AP and AZ FOX 10 Calls Arizona Governor’s Race For Democrat Katie Hobbs 12 DAYS BEFORE Election on LIVE TV

They were never going to let Lake win and clean up Arizona’s election cesspool. The Republican candidate is now mathematically eliminated for 2024. There’s no pathway to 270 electoral college votes.

They threw a false bone in Nevada. They passed ranked choice, so what difference does this Lombardo win mean except to run cover for the Senate steal against Laxalt? A governor’s seat is a small price for Senate control.

But no worries, they will keep us fighting amongst ourselves. DeSantis! Trump! No, DeSantis! No, no Trump!

Every period of great enlightenment, is followed by a dark age, as seems to be the human condition.

I see only two ways forward. We go quietly into the cold, dark night  Or Civil War. And I don’t see it. Look at Brazil. Look how they are fighting. Look at us. We’re pathetic.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller


The Washington Standard

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