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Kate Steinle Verdict Proves Lawless Protected In US

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In light of the verdict against Jose Garcia Zarate in the murder of Kate Steinle, it is no surprise that massive protests turned into violent riots have erupted across the united States.

Oh, wait, that hasn’t happened.

Why hasn’t that happened?

Unlike the leftist, liberal, progressive, intolerant for everything American loony toons, law-abiding citizens and constitutionalists believe in the rule of law meaning unruly riotous street protests across the nation are seen as the wrong method to affect change.

Despite the leftist, liberal, progressive, intolerant population’s use of these tactics to undermine the rule of law and advance political ideology anathema to our Constitution, law-abiding citizens understand these tactics would not work in the current political climate where law is what the Democrat Party of Hussein Soetoro and Hillary Clinton decide it to be at the time.

What is lawful is now lawless and what is lawless is now lawful – but only for the “special” class of individuals in the united States whether they are citizen or illegal invader.

The Daily Caller reported the Department of Justice unsealed a warrant for Jose Garcia Zarate on the charge of “supervised release violation.

DOJ officials claim “there is an existing federal detainer that requires this defendant to be remanded into the custody of US Marshals Service to be transported to the Western District of Texas pursuant to the arrest warrant.”

The documents pertaining to the DOJ warrant can be read here.

Big Whoop!

Jose Garcia Zarate happens to be in custody in San Francisco, California, not for the murder of Kate Steinle, since a jury found him not guilty, but for violation of a California gun law.

Since the city of sodomites, leftists, and America haters declared it a “sanctuary city” unlawfully, good luck to the feds getting Zarate delivered into their hands.

What does this say about the rule of law? Plenty.

The law only applies to those who are not members of the political elite, the parties’ preferred classes of individuals, illegal alien invaders, and whoever those in government decide are worthy of impunity.

For the average Constitution supporting, conservative, Christian, Republican, Second Amendment supporting, white, law-abiding citizen, the government will bring the full brunt of the law to bear upon you should you step one millimeter out of line – such as growing your own food in your own backyard or making improvements to one’s property without the proper permits.

No one can argue that had the murderer of Kate Steinle been a white, male citizen that the jury would have found the individual guilty of murder.

Moreover, no one can argue that had the murderer of Kate Steinle been a police officer, like the Muslim officer in Minnesota who shot Justine Diamond when she placed the 911 call for help, the officer would be the recipient of impunity, despite the officer’s partner witnessing the cold-blooded murder.

The justification for shooting Ms. Diamond, according to some news outlets, was the “slapping of the police car” by Diamond.

Other outlets claimed “a woman” slapped the back of the car before the first Somali Muslim Minnesota police officer shot Ms. Diamond.

Repeated injustices have not seen individuals respecting the rule of law gathering in the streets in mass protest, gathering en masse to engage in violent riots, or engaging in any other criminal activity.

Individuals respecting the rule of law use their freedom of speech, the great equalizer of men, to call unjust what is unjust, while being ignored by the ruling monarchs of government – local, state and federal.

In the days of Kings, Queens, and feudal rule, the “nobility” would gather their troops to strike down peasants amassing to protest injustice by their monarchs.

It is the same in America today.

Violent rioters committing crimes to advance lawlessness are protected by the “nobility” while the “nobility” silences those who advance lawfulness.

Over 200 years of the great American experiment is now moving backward where the law is what whoever is in power says it is.

Unfortunately, for united States citizens, the corruption in government is so pervasive that every elected official is now compromised, allowing those in “the Deep State” or “shadow government” to gain full control over this republic.

While it may seem that those of us who support the Constitution may be gaining ground, it is an illusion perpetuated by the “Deep State” to keep us from exerting our collective force to regain the self-evident truths upon which the founders formed our republic.

There is not one branch of government that has not been compromised.

Judges, intent on upholding ideology instead of law, litter the benches of our judicial system.

Charlatan lawyers follow the “rule of men” instead of actual law and the Constitution.

Willfully ignorant individuals are selected to sit on juries. It is rare indeed that a knowledgeable individual is selected as a juror – charlatan lawyers see to that.

Prosecutors and District Attorneys fail in their duty to hold officials accountable for wrong-doing.

And, individuals who have complaints to file against law enforcement are treated brutally by officers intent on protecting their own.

Those who call out wrong-doing are targeted by law enforcement and city officials, covertly, to silence opposition.

Property is taken under “eminent domain” without adequate compensation.

Civil Asset Forfeiture sees the property of citizens taken without probable cause or due process and the property is never returned should the seizure be found unlawful.

Those violated are just plain ole **** out of luck.

There is no need to cover the federal government for those in it never fail to disclose their corruption, lawlessness, and failure to uphold the law.

The sexual harassment scandals against numerous members of both chambers of Congress are proof that criminals now “rule”.

Their refusal to vacate their position and the refusal of the remaining members to expel these violators are all law-abiding citizens need to see the rule of the criminals.

Even media personalities are in on the gig with nary a court case against them.

With this much lawlessness permeating institutions designed to protect citizens, it is no wonder the voices espousing justice are mere breezes blowing the leaves of mighty oaks.

While we all like to think this direction our republic is taking can be halted or changed, the reality is this path has to come to its full fruition before that change can occur.

Those seeking election to office cannot be trusted to keep their word – they say what they must to get elected. Devotion to party comes first, with the rule of men following close behind, instead of the Constitution.

Don’t even mention Christianity to a politician.

While they claim they are Christian, their actions say otherwise.

No need to cover the lamestream enemedia.

The bias toward lawlessness is as blatant as the nose on Jimmy Durante’s face.

The corrupted enemedia throws a bone or two toward the conservative, Constitution supporting, Republican, Christian audience at the direction of the Deep State to keep order.

We devour it as if it’s the “sign” of change when it is designed to keep us in our place, speaking out but never acting.

While the enemedia and the Deep State keep us in place, the government indoctrination centers, aka schools and universities, fill our children with propaganda to work against us, ensuring the next generation will espouse the values of “the State” not their parents or ancestors.

There is no quick fix or easy solution.

The warnings given to the people by the founders, past presidents, defectors such as Yuri Brezmenov, and others have gone unheeded.

The best thing anyone can do at this point is to prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and pray for salvation then live according to God’s Word.

Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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