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Kavanaugh Explains Year Book Entries – Friends Corroborate, But Democrats Express Disbelief

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While the lamestream entertainment enemedia remains focused on the continued drama of the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, I confess that I am sick and tired of the entire skunk and Donkey theater.  Despite the lack of evidence to support any of these women’s claims plus all named alleged witnesses corroborate Kavanaugh’s statements, some media “talking heads” and “Silicone Barbies” and Democrats can’t or won’t relent in their savage attack on Kavanaugh’s character, keeping the theatrics in the spotlight.  So, when creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti requested the committee look into Kavanaugh’s Yearbook, it did and seven witnesses have confirmed Kavanaugh’s explanation.

The Daily Caller reported:

Four of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s former Georgetown Prep classmates said “Devil’s Triangle” was a drinking game.

Two former Boston College students said their roommate, a high school classmate of Kavanaugh’s, taught them the game.

A Georgetown Prep alumnus corroborated Kavanaugh’s claim that ‘boofing’ refered to flatulence.

Georgetown Prep alumni have come forward corroborating Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s claim that two phrases in his high school yearbook were not sexual references.

Four of Kavanaugh’s high school classmates explained in a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee that ‘Devil’s Triangle’ was a drinking game the group came up with while at Georgetown Prep.

The letter to the committee explained the rules of the drinking game “Devil’s Triangle” and their lack of awareness of any other meaning.  If you recall, creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti claimed “Devil’s Triangle” was code for a “threesome”.  As previously stated, the term could be used to reference something else that only those who redefined it would know its meaning.  It’s what the porn people did because the “Devil’s Triangle” is an area in the Atlantic Ocean surrounded in mysticism – boats, planes and people disappear there without any trace of accident.  For Kavanaugh and his friends, this was the name given to a drinking game where the glasses were arranged in a triangle in front of participants and taking turns bouncing a quarter into the glass.  If the quarter landed in a glass, the individual closest to the glass would drink.

Kavanaugh’s yearbook indicates a student at Georgetown Prep, Bernard McCarthy, claimed he was the one who gave the “variation on quarters” game the name.

The Daily Caller report continued:

Whitehouse also asked Kavanaugh about the term “boofing,” which appears in his yearbook as well.

“That refers to flatulence,” Kavanaugh  responded. “We were 16.”

“I don’t believe ‘boof’ is flatulence, I don’t believe a ‘devil’s triangle’ is a drinking game, and I don’t believe calling yourself a girl’s ‘alumnius’ is being her friend,” Whitehouse said during the hearing.

If anyone remembers being 16, one remembers the stupid stuff and innocent shared code written in yearbooks.  Those codes and tag words, like Kavanaugh’s alumnius, are not necessarily bad or evil.  But, when one is evil, one thinks evil and looks at everything through evil glasses.  Moreover, Whitehouse has become so evil and old, he can’t remember being 16 nor can he relate to the thinking of youth.

Thomas Kane, classmate and close friend of Kavanaugh, confirmed the “Devil’s Triangle” explanation and the “bathroom humor” description of flatulence.

Despite classmates of Kavanaugh confirming his explanations, Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse refused to believe Kavanaugh and his friends.  Yet, Whitehouse had little trouble believing Christine Blasey Ford’s unfounded, unsubstantiated, sexual assault claim against Kavanaugh – there is no evidence it occurred and all witnesses, again, corroborate Kavanaugh’s claim.

The Democrat Party morphed from the “donkey party” to the “guilty until proven innocent, believe what we want despite facts, nothing is ever enough unless it’s a Democrat” party.  Any individual possessing the traits exhibited by many of these Democrat charlatan politicians would be diagnosed with a mental disorder.  Mark these words, in true lunatic Democratic form, nothing will ever be enough for the Democrats going forward concerning anything.

No matter how many FBI investigations or background checks are conducted on anyone associated with Trump, particularly Brett Kavanaugh, it will not satisfy Democrats – ever.  No matter how much is collected in taxes from the public, it will not satisfy Democrats – ever.  If they unlawfully eradicated every God-given individual unalienable right possessed by citizens, it will not satisfy these ungodly, lawless people.  These full-fledged, flaming anti-constitutionalists are bottomless pits when it comes to power and control.

The unlawful individuals push to destroy the Constitution, dismantling the republic form of government, and work to implement socialism/communism.  But, as they gather “ownership” of every spec of dirt, every splinter of every house, all necessities for living, and every drop of blood in every complacent citizen, it won’t satisfy the empty void that fills their soul.  Even if these totalitarians gained control of the entire planet, they would sink into cruel, sadistic methods to control the people because it would not fill the void in their souls.

Republicans will fail to confront their despotic, tyrannical attempt to move the republic toward a one-party rule, just as the republic has seen in the past.  RINOs and establishment stooges will continue to acquiesce to Democratic demands in the familiar “go along to get along” pattern of governance.  No matter how many times they reach across the aisle to extend a “friendly” hand and Democrats slap it, these dense individual refuse to “get it.”  They operate under the delusion that citizens want diplomacy in governance.  Diplomacy is fine until the constitutional line is crossed by either party;  then, it should be thrown out the window.

Unfortunately, this is what happens when anti-constitutionalists remain unaccountable for their actions.  This includes Republicans, Democrats, Socialists, Communists, Independents, Libertarians, and Democratic Socialists who ignore the Constitution in favor of ideology.  It is what happens when individuals deny God as well.

In order to change this, Americans will need to repent to God, educate themselves about the Constitution, and deny office to charlatans who do not uphold their oath of office.  But, time is not on the side of this republic.  To eradicate the corruption in government at all levels, constitutionalists need to act fast and stand in opposition to socialism/communism/Marxism and Democratic socialism.  America will not last if anti-constitutionalists remain unchecked.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

The Washington Standard

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