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Khan, Mateen, and America’s Denial

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A great deal has been made of the gratuitous appearance of Khizr Khan, the father of a fallen U.S. officer in Iraq, at the Democratic National Convention. Judging by what he had to say, Khan is either a stealth Islamist, or an actual, non-stealth Islamist, depending on how discerning one happens to be. Many have pointed out how disgraceful it was that the elder Khan appeared to be shilling for the toxic policies of the Democrats, apart from the pretext of their ascribing to him the respect reserved for the relatives of fallen U.S. service persons.

Then, as reported by WND on Aug. 9, Seddique Mateen, father of the Muslim shooter who killed 49 people and injured 53 others in the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando, Florida, was spotted Monday at a rally held by Hillary Clinton in Florida.

Like the two imaginary rogue IRS agents the Obama administration tried to pass off as responsible for the criminal conspiracy against conservative nonprofits, it looks like the Clinton campaign will attempt to pass Mateen sitting center stage behind Hillary Clinton off as some sort of similar oversight.

Wading into the fray, pro-Hillary super PAC adviser Paul Begala said this week that the Clinton campaign should disavow any support it received from Mateen and “fire the advance person.”

In the former case, many pundits viewed Khan’s association with the convention as insensitivity on the part of the Clinton campaign. As reported by Breitbart on Aug. 3, author Diana West made the comment “Don’t you people vet your speakers?” in response to the deference paid Khan in light of the venue and his anti-American sentiments.

If anyone doubts the motives of the ambulating turd Khizr Khan toward softening America up for Islamic conquest, consider another of his messages, also reported by WND: Khan recently claimed that Allah is against GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and is causing him to make mistakes.

Khan’s statement in this vein is boilerplate sixth-century, superstitious twaddle that has been used by every defender of Islam since the vile creed was crafted. Read up on Islamic doctrine if you doubt. In the cases of societies that have unsuccessfully resisted Islamic subversion, Islamists have invariably said that Allah somehow softened the hearts (or perhaps the brains) of those opposed to Islam in order to thwart their resistance efforts.

I am not so much concerned with the tactics Islamists employ to gain victory; anything they might contrive in order to win should be expected. More germane to this discussion are the erroneous (or perhaps complicit) conclusions observers who ought to know better draw in these cases.

Throughout the presidency of Barack Obama, a majority of his ostensible opponents assessed his serial treason and deleterious policies as anything but what they appeared to be. All the while, I and precious few others maintained that Obama and his political kin were happy with these erroneous evaluations as long as they allowed them to continue their agenda unmolested.

Now it appears that the same pundits and policy makers are prepared to allow these treasonous machinations to continue through another administration, and will actually facilitate the rise to power of that entity.

Considering all of this, and the eight years we’ve spent in our efforts to educate Americans as to the nature of Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama and their associates, I am inclined to launch into an animated Samuel L. Jackson, violently unrestrained character tirade in order to step up the message here: “Aint you dumb mother f***ers figured out by now that these people have sold us out for their own benefit? What’s this bulls**t about their being stupid and insensitive? Have y’all lost your mother***ing minds? Do you understand that these mother f***ers kill people?”

I could go on, and my own version would be only slightly less intense in its conviction and level of obscenity. But the fact remains: The 800-pound gorilla in the room is the fact that this is who these people are. They are boundlessly self-aggrandizing, treasonous scum holding a variety of twisted ideologies that are bringing about a common result – the end of our nation as we know it and their perpetual pre-eminence. Steeping ourselves in denial will only bring it about that much faster.

Article reposted with permission from WND

The Washington Standard

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