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Lamestream Enemedia Opened Door For Request to Investigate Obama College Claims Per Wayne Allen Root

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The editors at Politico evidently thought they had hit the proverbial jackpot when publishing the false story on Dr. Ben Carson on November 6, 2015. In what can only be dubbed a “gotcha” piece, Politico blasted Dr. Carson claiming his campaign admitted to fabricating the story he was offered a scholarship to West Point. Dr. Carson’s campaign strongly denied the claims by Politico resulting in Dr. Carson blasting the media and Politico adding an editor’s note to the original story.

Unfortunately, many conservatives jumped on the bandwagon of Politico’s hit piece to lambast Dr. Carson as The Washington Standard editor, Tim Brown, pointed out while providing correction to the libelous story using Carson’s own book. Western Journalism published a piece today indicating the Politico claims have now been turned around by law school professor, Seth Barrett Tillman. In a column originally appearing on The New Reform Club, Tillman relays his story of his unofficial offer of a scholarship at West Point.

Tillman wrote about taking the PSAT in the tenth grade and checking boxes for colleges to send literature about their school to him. One school that contacted him was the United States Military Academy (USMA) at West Point, New York. He attended a USMA conference along with hundreds of other high school students. Tillman stated he was pulled aside by a major out of the range of hearing of other students.

“I was told that if I apply, I would get in. It was as simple as that. I had very good standardized test scores and very good grades from my high school. When the major told me that I would get in if I applied, I believed him. I was told that West Point would find a Senator or Representative to nominate me, or I would come in with a number of students the academy could choose itself. I did not inquire about the details of the application process.”

Tillman went on to explain, “by any fair-minded description, it was an offer to attend West Point. Albeit, the offer was not in writing; it was an informal oral offer. Surely, many, many other people received similar offers. I expect that large list also includes Ben Carson.”

The lame stream enemedia is quick to jump on GOP hopeful Dr. Ben Carson regarding his past experiences and college days, as well as those prior to college. However, in 2008, this same lame stream enemedia, with all their “prize winning” journalists and news shows, failed to ask one question, investigate one claim or question anything regarding the story spun about one Barack Hussein Obama, a Democratic presidential nominee.

As Wayne Allen Root, bestselling author, wrote at The Blaze, “The mainstream media just opened the door for conservatives to demand President Barack Obama release his Columbia University records immediately. How nice of them! Thank You!

Root pointed out that politicians exaggerate or remember things to their benefit. As has been proven, Carson did neither. What Root pointed out was Carson’s claim had cost taxpayers not one red cent as compared to Obama, who has told plenty of whoppers that cost taxpayers dearly.

Obamacare, as Root aptly pointed out, cost taxpayers millions of dollars, “even billions in higher premiums and medical costs.” Remember, Obama claimed the cost of premiums would be no more than a cell phone bill with Americans saving approximately $2,500 in costs. That’s a double whopper and significant. Even the architect of Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber, admitted to fraud being committed to fool “dumb voters.” But, the issue is the college years of both Carson and Obama.

In order to validate Dr. Carson’s claims, the media rushed to the phones to contact West Point, and were able to receive information. However, who can contact any university or college Obama claims to have attended as his records have been sealed and remain sealed seven years into his presidency. As Root pointed out, the media believed claims about college 30 to 40 years ago were very significant and important for Dr. Carson. But, the media had little interest in Obama’s college years.

In fact, Root points out that no one can prove Obama’s claims about his college years. After all, if it’s important for Carson, it would be important for Obama.

Root wrote in his commentary at The Blaze:

I graduated Columbia University in June of 1983. According to Obama, not only were we in the same class, we had the same majors, Political Science and Pre-Law. That would mean we took the same classes. I thought I knew every classmate in Columbia’s Political Science department.

Yet neither I nor anyone I know ever met, saw, or heard of Obama.

This was reinforced two years ago in 2013 when I attended my Columbia University 30th Class reunion.

I asked everyone — “Did you ever see Obama at Columbia?” Not one classmate answered affirmatively.

I simply couldn’t believe no one claimed to have met a classmate, who supposedly was in our class, and who was later to become president of the United States. So, I tracked down Professor Henry Graff, perhaps the most honored professor in Columbia history and Columbia’s Presidential historian. I interviewed Graff that same year for The Blaze.

As Root wrote, Professor Graff never met or even heard of Obama, indicating it would be impossible to graduate Columbia with a degree in Political Science without taking his history classes. Graff checked his old records and found nothing indicating Obama ever existed at Columbia. Professor Graff even checked with other professors at Columbia. No one remembered Obama being in their classes.

Root contends Obama’s existence at Columbia is a rumor.

Root is correct in his calling out of the media. If they feel Carson’s college experience 40 years ago is worth a “look-see,” then Obama’s college experience and records are worthy as well. It’s possible Obama slipped ahead of the pile of the “best of the best” from prominent Ivy League universities such as Harvard, Yale or Princeton by claiming to be an Indonesian “foreign student,” meaning Obama perpetrated fraud, if that indeed were the case.

Yet, the media has zero interest in Obama, despite his “reign” costing taxpayers millions of dollars and more. If Obama’s presidency was built on a lie (I say if, but really mean it is), it would be a more significant discovery than Nixon’s bugging of the Watergate offices. That journalistic piece reaped an award to Woodward and Bernstein.

Not only are Obama’s college records and claims worthy of investigation, but his use of a Social Security number not his own, issued in Connecticut to a deceased individual is worth investigation as well. Identity theft and fraud is a criminal offense punishable by incarceration if found guilty. Pile on the numerous other criminal offenses, lies, and traitorous actions and whichever lamestream enemedia investigative journalist, if there is one left, breaks the story would be set for a Pulitzer, an Emmy or other journalistic award for exposing the biggest fraud and criminal in American history.

To add insult to injury, the lamestream enemedia ignored a biography on Obama indicating his birth in Kenya. The biography stood as accurate for years until someone brought up the Kenyan birth making Obama ineligible and that was quickly noted as “an error.” That’s one more big error to stand for years unquestioned. The fraudulent birth certificate is another area where lamestream enemedia failed.

So, to all investigative journalists involved with main stream media who thought Dr. Carson’s records and college claims were so important, it’s time to investigate Obama’s college claims, his use of a Social Security number that clearly was not issued to him, as well as his birth certificate. Fox News, CBS, ABC, Associated Press, NBC, CNN — what are you going to do? My guess is you’ll let it all go and continue to be complicit in the perpetration of fraud against this nation by the Kenyan Muslim occupying the White House. Hopefully, you all got paid handsomely for your accessory to treason.

*Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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