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Leftists & Antisemites Are Discovering That Islam Is Just the Thing For Them

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Who would have guessed that the next trendy, chic thing among America’s addled and miseducated youth would be Islam?

It was perhaps inevitable that young secular Westerners, their self-centered lives achingly meaningless, would gravitate to the only force that seems to present an alternative to the culture of materialism, hedonism, and increasing madness in which they’ve been marinating since birth. But many of these people are likely to wake up in the morning with a massive buyer’s remorse headache.

First, there was the Osama bin Laden craze on TikTok. Hordes of witless millennials suddenly discovered the terror titan’s 2002 letter to America and professed to find wisdom in its whiny grievance-mongering and Jew-hatred. But that was just the beginning. Now the same disaffected, diseducated, and rationality-challenged millennials are embracing not just Osama, but the whole hog, or if you prefer, the whole halal enchilada, and converting to Islam.

High-profile “influencers” are driving much of this trend. First, there was former kickboxer and accused sex trafficker Andrew Tate, who converted to Islam precisely because it sanctifies brute force and intolerance, qualities that he confuses with strength and sees lacking in the woke, relativistic half-men and men who think they’re women of the contemporary left. Following Tate into the Religion of Peace was the “Internet personality” Sneako, who is now doing his part to bring into the fold of Muhammad the legions of antisemites who have revealed themselves since Hamas’ Oct. 7 jihad massacre in Israel.

On Thursday, the venomously anti-Israel propagandist Jackson Hinkle, who has over two million followers on X, tweeted (X’d?) a video in which Sneako presents him with a biography of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. Hinkle wrote: “Thanks @sneako for gifting me the biography of the Prophet Muhammad. It’s already a very eye-opening read.”

It is indeed, although Sneako is unlikely to have given Hinkle a Muhammad biography that will enlighten the anti-Israel advocate about Muhammad’s violence, cruelty, Jew hatred, misogyny, and the like. Or maybe he did, as it could be that they both regard all those aspects of the Islamic prophet’s life (as it is depicted in early Islamic texts) as positives.

Either way, if Hinkle decides to convert to Islam, he could meet up with some interesting people in the new converts class at his local mosque. The UK’s Daily Mail reported Sunday that hatred of Israel and support for Hamas, so prevalent among leftists since Oct. 7, is now leading many millennials to embrace Islam, which they see as the “ultimate rebellion against the West.”

Some of these people should have looked before they leaped. One is a woman named Alex, who describes herself as a “leftist queer gremlin.” This particular gremlin has been going to pro-Hamas demonstrations and recently bought a Qur’an, made a formal conversion to Islam, and started wearing a hijab.

But has Alex noticed that the population of leftist queer gremlins in Gaza is vanishingly small? Is Alex aware of what happens to leftist queer gremlins in the Islamic land she so admires? Almost certainly not. But if she continues with her little rebellion against the West, she is liable to find out, and will likely be thinking as her tormenters close in that maybe the much-maligned West wasn’t so bad after all.

Inspiring Alex to embark upon this path was another new Muslim, Megan Rice, yet another TikTok “influencer.” Rice explained in a recent video that Palestinian defiance of Israel led her to Islam: “It just seems that Palestinians have this ironclad faith even in the face of losing quite literally everything.”

It will become abundantly clear to the world, once the ceasefire ends, that the Palestinians have by no means lost everything and have plenty of rockets and other weapons on hand, but Rice is unlikely to look back. The Mail notes that “she founded the World Religion Book Club where she conducts live readings of the Quran. The online community now boasts 13,000 members.”

It is unlikely in the extreme that Megan Rice or any of these other new Western converts to Islam have the faintest idea of what their new religion teaches. They just like the idea of rebelling against The Man, who in their thoroughly propagandized minds is a white Christian; they haven’t noticed that the people who have the real power today are those who share their hatred of Israel and are determined to destroy and are happy to see this Islam craze spreading among young people because it furthers their larger goal of destroying the West in order to pave the way for socialist internationalism.

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

The Washington Standard

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