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LGBTQ Activist Commits Suicide by Cop – Who Does the Media Blame?

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Even when an incident is recorded, fully displaying the innocence of police officers, the left jumps to claim that police have somehow mishandled a sad situation.

Such is the story that is playing out in Atlanta, as police are once again forced to defend themselves from their leftwing attackers.

Late Saturday night Georgia Tech police officers were called to respond to a scary situation on the school campus.

When they arrived on scene an LGBT student named Scout Schultz was standing outside of his dormitory with a knife in hand.

Nearby students recorded the event and the knife can clearly be seen in their video.

The police officers can also  be heard saying, “Come on, man, drop the knife.” Another officer says, “Come on, let’s drop it.”

It’s at this point that Schultz can be heard responding, “Shoot me!”

The officers seem to understand that they have to keep the situation from escalating and attempt to diffuse the event by telling the knife-wielding student that they have no intention of shooting him.

After Schultz demands to be shot, one of the officers can be heard saying, “No, drop the knife!”

The one of the officers says “Nobody wants to hurt you.”

The other cop asks, “What’s going on, man?” In fact, Georgia Tech officers can be heard imploring the student to stand down, and they can be heard empathetically trying to connect with the student in an effort to diffuse the tense situation.

Sadly, none of it worked.

After the officers’ entreaties, Schultz can be seen pondering the situation for just a second before advancing on the officers while holding his weapon.

It’s at this point that one shot rings out and Schultz falls to the ground. The officers would rush Schultz to the hospital where he would finally, sadly succumb to his wombs.

Warning the video is raw and shocking (You can see the unedited version here):

He died of “suicide by cop,” and the police seem easily vindicated by the earliest report… but that hasn’t stopped the leftists from blaming the police.

Here’s what one site said, after confirming that Schultz was likely mentally unstable.

The intersection of the United States’ obsession with guns and U.S. police officers’ ever-increasing affinity for deadly force claimed another life this past week in a terribly tragic fashion.

Not really unbiased or fair, is it?

With all of the negative attention and media focus the police seem to be attracting these days, this seems like a pretty clear case of a situation that went about the only way it could.

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com

. Article by Onan Coca.

The Washington Standard

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