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Liberal Watchdogs Now Begging NOT to be Told of Abuses

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Who remembers the halcyon days of the Bush administration, when leftwing watchdog groups were constantly making the news with various leaks, whistleblowers, and investigative reports.

Those government watchdogs were holding the Bush administration’s feet to the fire and ensuring (so they said) the protection of our civil liberties from an overbearing, and prone to law-breaking, government.

In particular, these left-wing groups worried about our intelligence community, which seemed always at the ready to violate the rights of certain American citizens.

I mean, remember when every liberals biggest worry was that Muslim Americans would be subject to “rendition” and secretly kidnapped and held at some terrifying government “black site?”

Today, all of the watchdogs are silent. Today, the liberal activists simply whine about Russia (which Obama told us was so 1980’s), and they moan about Trump’s mean-streak.

What they refuse to do is pay any attention to actual evidence of government abuse during the Obama era, or when committed by Obama acolytes.

Things have gotten so bad that investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson says she is now hearing of open government and watchdog organizations that are “so uncurious and begging” NOT to be told about problems, or violations of citizens rights!

My, how times have changed.

Tucker Carlson: Are you surprised by the posture in the press which is, it is wrong to want to know more about who the government is spying on?

Sharyl Attkisson: Well, I’m not because, as I’ve written in the last couple of years and spoken to, I think the press in general, while there are still many good reporters doing independent reporting, it’s getting harder.

We have invited some of the propagandists into our newsrooms, we allow them to dictate the talking points and messages du jour. And it’s getting more difficult, I think, to find sort of down the middle, unbiased reporting.

Tucker Carlson: But shouldn’t the default position of a journalist be more information rather than less? So, when we learned last week of the possibility that the US government spied on a US citizen on the basis of pretty flaky information, was it weird to see reporters stand up and say, tell us no more! We don’t want to know! In fact, you are unpatriotic if you want to know more.

Sharyl Attkisson: I’ve never seen anything like it. in fact, I commented that I’ve never, in my lifetime, seen open government groups and journalists so uncurious and begging not to be told about alleged or supposed violations of citizens’ rights.

And this leads into a much larger picture, I think, of surveillance abuses that have occurred over the past 10, 20 years involving citizens, politicians and journalists.

Tucker Carlson: So, I mean, just to do the opposite of putting our fears to rest, this is not as uncommon as we hope it is, is it?

Sharyl Attkisson: I think not. Long before Trump announced running for president, I had intel sources, contacts, who I’m still in touch with, who have said that for a long time there has been presentation of bad evidence to the FISA court to justify warrants, that there has been sort of a reverse engineering when political figures want to target people illegally.

They find someone in their orbit that they can target and then capture them incidentally and then accidentally capture their data and unmask them acting surprised that that’s who it was when that’s the target that they intended to capture all along.

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Onan Coca.

The Washington Standard

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