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Libertarian Weld Compares Trump Deportation of Illegals to Kristallnacht and Anne Frank; Johnson Agrees

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According to the Constitution of the united States of America, the legislative powers are invested in Congress – the House of Representatives and the Senate.  One of the enumerated powers of Congress is to establish uniform rules of immigration and naturalization.  So, how can abiding by and enforcing duly legislated, constitutional immigration law be considered similar to Nazi War crimes or the Holocaust?  Former Massachusetts Governor and Libertarian Party candidate for Vice Presidential pick Bill Weld attempts to explain this comparison on CNN.

“I can hear the glass crunching in Kristallnacht in the ghettos of Warsaw and Vienna when I hear [Trump’s plan], honest,” Weld told the New York Times just last week.  Weld is referencing the incident of the “Night of Broken Glass” in 1938 Germany that saw rampant anti-semitism exhibited toward the Jewish populations in Germany, Austria, and Poland.  This is the comparison Weld is making to Donald Trump‘s proposal to deport the illegal alien invaders, who are criminals by virtue of violating federal immigration law.

On Sunday, CNN’s Jake Tapper called out Weld on his comments.  Image the shock when Tapper asked Weld, “Is that a little strong, to talk about the Holocaust?”

Weld responded:

“No, I don’t think so. I served five years on the U.S. Holocaust Commission by appointment of President George W. Bush.  I’m absolutely certain that, as we said in those years, if we don’t remember, we absolutely will forget. And you got to forget a lot of things to think it’s a good idea to round up and deport 11 million people living peaceably, most of them working in America, in the middle of the night.  No, not the United States. China, maybe. Not the United States.”

So, according to Weld, it is not a good idea to hold lawbreakers accountable for their crimes when it involves illegally crossing the United States borders.  As long as these individuals are living peaceably and most are working, these individuals should be allowed to remain in the nation with impunity.  Are other violators of the law going to be given “immunity” from prosecution if they are an American citizen?  What is wrong with holding law violators accountable?

Weld stood by his comments when he stated in an interview on Monday, “It reminds me of Anne Frank hiding in her attic waiting for the Nazi sirens to pass by and evokes the memory — not the memory, I was not alive, but the notion of Kristallnacht.”

Well, Bill, there is a big difference in Anne Frank, Kristallnacht, the Holocaust, and the illegal alien invader issue in the United States.  Anne Frank, as well as other Jews, was a citizen in her own nation targeted for extermination for committing no crime by a government that “conquered” their home nation, but merely being despised by an insane, sadistic German dictator.  The Nazis murdered Jews in cold blood just for existing inside the conquered territory under the iron fist rule of Adolf Hitler.  The immoral, unethical “law” enacted that allowed this to be done was issued by a dictator against legal citizens of the various nations, after stripping their citizenship by decree.

Illegal alien invaders squatting in the United States are not citizens, are not afforded the privileges of citizenship, have violated US immigration law, and should be held accountable according to the law for their crimes.  The immigration law calls for illegal alien invaders to be deported.  End of subject;  end of story.  There is no comparison, Bill.  Moreover, any citizen and/or city, town or municipality who protects illegal alien invader is in violation of the law and should also be held accountable under the law.

According to Breitbart:

The Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson weighed in on Weld’s comments, noting that he would not have referenced the Holocaust, but admitting he did agree with the notion put out by Weld.

“What are we going to do? Are we going to go in these homes and take these people out of their homes? Come on. He made that reference. I don’t make that reference, but it’s crazy. It’s off the charts,” Johnson said in a CNN interview.

Gee Gary, if you don’t make that reference but agree with the insanity spewed by Weld, you might as well go ahead and say it.

As a reminder Gary, law enforcement agencies have been performing “no-knock” raids upon unsuspecting, law-abiding American citizens in the middle of the night in response to issued warrants.  Granted, law enforcement has gotten mixed up and raided the wrong house, thrown an incendiary device into a home injuring a baby when the individual wanted was not even there.   Are we to understand this practice by law enforcement against law-abiding American citizens is tolerable while against lawbreaking criminals, read illegal alien invaders, is not?  Is America to understand that it is acceptable to enforce “some” laws while over-looking others when the laws are constitutional and duly legislated by Congress?

For your information, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Weld, the Constitution is not a Chinese Buffet.  Duly legislated constitutional laws are to be obeyed and upheld, meaning it is the job of the President of the United States to ensure the laws are faithfully executed.  In case you haven’t noticed, America is in the shape she is in because of executive and legislative branches cherry picking the Constitution, refusing to enforce constitutional laws, usurping power and forcing unconstitutional decrees and legislation down the throats of Americans and the States.   Citizens need to reject any candidate who speaks of continuing any decree, action or agenda championed by the largest fraud and usurper to ever hold the office of president – Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah.

“Are we going to go in these homes and take these people out of their homes,” you asked.  If needs be, yes, Mr. Johnson.  These individuals are here illegally.  They have broken the law and should be held accountable regardless of the reason they broke the law.  Are you willing to turn a blind eye to the woman who steals food from the grocery store because she is broke and her children are crying from being hungry?  Are you willing to overlook an executive who embezzles from his employer because his wife lost her job and his salary is not enough to cover their bills?  Are you willing to pardon an individual who does not pay their taxes because they follow in the footsteps of many in Congress who do not pay taxes with impunity?  What about a practitioner of Islam who engages in rape and pedophilia because it is a part of Islamic practice?  Does that one get a pass on the law?

You see, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Weld, the very first time one group or groups of individuals receive a “pass” on the law while others are not, the law is then being applied unequally.  Our nation ceases to be a nation where “all men are created equal” and one where bias, prejudice and favoritism indicative of monarchical and dictatorial regimes encroach upon the rights of all citizens.  Allowing illegal alien invaders impunity and amnesty from prosecution and legal action disparages citizens who abide by the law and who would be held accountable for breaking any law – local, State or federal.

There is a reason Justice wears a blindfold and holds a scale, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Weld.  It is so all individuals regardless of status have the law equally applied.  Break the law and one is held accountable based on the law with applicable punishment befitting the crime should one be found guilty.  Illegal alien invaders are no different and are to be held accountable to immigration law when violating it.  Deportation is the punishment befitting the crime of entering our nation illegally.   The federal government should not get a pass on ignoring the law because it failed in its duty to enforce immigration law, letting the numbers of illegal aliens rise to the point it has and now, operate as if this nation has no border when our southern neighbor strictly enforces the border it shares with us.
One doubts you have any chance whatsoever of even being on any ballot.  However, if you were, Americans do not need another individual occupying the White House that looks at law as a “whim.”  Quit trying to garner headlines with inane remarks.  If comments and opinions could gain man the ability to traverse the skies, both of you would be considered “space cadets.

Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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