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Listen to What This Famous Watergate Reporter has to Say About Hillary’s Benghazi Lies

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I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time watching the news, reading newspapers and magazines as well as surfing the web for the day’s most important news. I am getting awfully tired of being told by the liberal media how I should feel about being lied to by the State Department. You may not remember, but in the days, weeks and months following the attack on the Benghazi consulate, the Obama administration (led by Susan Rice) spent all their time telling us how the attack was precipitated by a “spontaneous protest” that started because of some silly video on YouTube. In fact, the government was so serious about this “dangerous” YouTube video that they eventually arrested and imprisoned its creator on trumped up charges of violating his probation (charges that coincidentally were handed down AFTER the filmmaker was made famous by the Obama administration).

In the weeks, months and years to follow, the Obama administration, the State Department and the media repeatedly told us that there was no conspiracy to mislead the American people and only silly conservative conspiracy theorists would think otherwise. Any of us who were skeptical of the Obama/Clinton narrative of what happened in Benghazi were mocked, derided, chided and finally cast aside as “extremists.” Now, three years later, we have rock-solid proof that we were right and they all (led by Susan Rice) lied to us.

Have the media and the liberals apologized to us? Nope. In fact, now they are pretending it was never that big of a deal to begin with… and honestly, that pisses me off. But what makes me even more upset is the fact that the media seems to be letting all of this unfold without a single shred of journalistic curiosity to be seen.

That is until Bob Woodward (of Watergate fame) appeared with Chris Wallace on Fox News this past Sunday. Woodward was a guest on Fox News Sunday when Chris Wallace asked him if the apparent disconnect in what the Obama administration was saying publicly and privately (that publicly they blamed the YouTube video but privately they were telling everyone it was a terrorist attack) ‘bothered him’?

The liberal icon responded there were legitimate questions to be asked in the situation about the inconsistencies and that the Benghazi scandal deserved being investigated. Woodward then went even further, “It better bother us. And this is the question we’re going to look at. And, you know, if she’s the nominee, she’s going to get a full field investigation by everyone. So will the Republicans. So we don’t get what we got with Nixon, which we didn’t know about, quite frankly. I mean, this was hidden. So I think there’s a big burden on journalists, on television and in the newspapers, bloggers. So, when we get to election day next year, people can say, ‘you know what, I know or I had the chance to know everything possible about these people.’ And so, this hearing is one of the pieces of the puzzle.”

*Article by Onana Coca

The Washington Standard

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