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Majority of Afghan Immigrants on Welfare

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We expected nothing less from the Demo-communist party.

Majority of Afghan Immigrants on Welfare

By: Red Alerts, on September 15, 2021

This is what many conservatives feared given the heavy influx of immigrants from Afghanistan. The question is whether this will be a temporary or a long-term issue.
“The Afghan population in the United States has exploded in recent decades as a majority of Afghan immigrants in the U.S. live on at least one major form of welfare, funded by American taxpayers,” according to Breitbart. [emphasis added]
“New analysis from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) reveals that the number of Afghans living in the U.S. has shot up to 133,000 in 2019 — more than three times the 44,000 Afghans who lived in the U.S. before the start of the Afghanistan War in 2001…
“Specifically, Camarota’s research found that more than 65 percent of households headed by Afghan immigrants use at least one major form of welfare — that is, food stamps, cash assistance, or Medicaid. If other forms of welfare were included in this tally, like free school lunch and public housing, “these high rates of welfare use would almost certainly be much higher,” Camarota notes. [emphasis added]
“Compare Afghan immigrants’ rate of welfare use to that of native-born Americans, where less than 25 percent of native-born American households use one major form of welfare.”
For more of this report, please go to Breitbart.
Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

The Washington Standard

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