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Man Bites Dog: Muslim Is Nice to Non-Muslim

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When the media’s hysterical predictions about “anti-Muslim extremist hate rallies” failed to materialize (predictably), the media found another false story to jump on like flies on …..

But this one came back to bite them — not that they’ll report about how they got taken.

Late last week, I wrote an article for Breitbart about the media frenzy over a news story that didn’t even happen. The worldwide press was in an uproar about anti-jihad rallies that were scheduled to move forward this past weekend. What was the news angle of the story? That people were opposed to jihad and sharia? That people dared to oppose oppression and subjugation and the persecution of religious minorities under the boot of Islam? The media didn’t mention any of that: in their spin, it was “bigots” menacing peaceful Muslims for no reason other than “racism.”

The rallies, of course, went off without a hitch. No Muslims were harmed – as is always the case. “Islamophobia” is all a bloody fiction. So to further their Muslim victimhood narrative, the press had to get creative, and they latched on to a story that seems straight out of The Daily Show.

Here’s the gist of it: a woman who was protesting at the mosque came to see the light and bonded with a smiling, hijab-wearing Muslima who turned the other cheek, hugged her and invited her into the mosque. As if this somehow erases all the carnage and bloodshed and suffering caused by the global jihadi war on freedom.

Nobody disputes that there are Muslims who don’t slaughter infidels and who don’t support bloody jihad. But is it really so exceptional for a Muslim to show kindness to a non-Muslim that it’s a big giant news item? Apparently so.

Meanwhile, in New York City, Muslims inside a mosque threw bottle caps at a Jewish woman pushing a baby carriage. Why wasn’t that as big a story?

The woman who was the recipient of the Muslim woman’s kindness was a hysterical media caricature of a counter-jihadist. She is, according to the UK’s Daily Mail, full of “misconceptions” about Islam. When “a Caucasian supporter of the mosque” approaches her, she says, “I’m not here for you. You’re not Muslim” – a strong indication that her opposition to Islam is all about racism, as goes the media myth. When she discovers that the “Caucasian” may be Muslim after all, she tells him: “Get thee away from me Satan and get to your side of the block please.” The Daily Mail is signaling to us that not only is she racist, but she’s a Christian religious fanatic.

The “Islamophobic” woman goes on to tell the man, “If you’re a Muslim I can’t be friends with you,” and says that “she doesn’t believe there is such a thing as a peaceful Muslim.” How did she come to such conclusions? “She later says she gets all her information from groups she’s in on Facebook.” So now she is not only a racist and a Christian fanatic; she’s also an idiot who picked up her information on Islam from the Internet – as if there weren’t enough in every day’s headlines to make any normal person deeply suspicious of Islam.

“In the video posted to Youtube,” the Daily Mail story continues, “Muslims gather to join in conversation and explain to her that just because someone says they belong to a religion doesn’t mean they act in a way that is characteristic of the religion.” It’s all just a misunderstanding of Islam, you see: 30,000 Muslims from around the world have journeyed to Iraq and Syria to join the Islamic State because they don’t understand their religion of peace.

“One woman in a head scarf who says she is from Mexico says that the drug lords and people in drug cartels commit murder and rape every day despite being Catholic. Another person says that the Nazis who committed mass genocide were also Christian.” Do the drug lords quote Christian scripture to justify their actions? Did the Nazis? The Islamic State, al-Qaeda and scores of other jihad groups around the world not only justify their actions by quoting Islamic texts and teachings, but they make recruits among peaceful Muslims that way.

But neither the Facebook counter-jihadi who is converted through kindness nor the Daily Mail seems aware of that distinction. “They then explain to the protester that ISIS, like the Nazis, were ‘not Christian’ are ‘not really’ Muslim and they are a result of socio-political conflict. They then invite her inside for coffee and bagels. The woman and the others all came to the agreement that they all protest murder and stand for the freedoms available in America regardless of what religion they believe in.”

A Muslim woman inside the mosque says: “None of us want murder. No true Muslim wants murder, just like no Christian wants genocide.” No Muslim wants murder? Tell that to the tower of skulls and the rivers of blood. Tell that to the non-Muslims beheaded by the Islamic State. Tell that to the numerous American Muslims who have joined the Islamic State or plotted jihad mass murder in its name here at home. Tell that to Boko Haram, Hamas, Islamic jihad, al Qaeda, al Shabaab et al

To cap off all this deception and hypocrisy, the Daily Mail tells us about this non-Muslim protester that “after feeling more comfortable in her surroundings she caves in, walks into the mosque and even takes selfies.” In one of those selfies, the woman stands next to a smiling Muslim in a hijab, who is holding up one index finger: the sign of allegiance to ISIS.

*Article by Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books

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