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No, Marcelino Jose & Illegal Aliens, People Who Break the Law Don’t Have a Bill of Rights!

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Part I of this two part series addressed Marcelino Jose’s presentation of the “Undocumented Americans’ Bill of Rights.” In this part, each of the “demands” made in by the group “United We Stand” will be addressed.

In the preamble, Jose writes, “We, the Undocumented Americans, submit our Bill of Rights with the same determination as the nation’s founders to incorporate these rights into law across the land.” For criminals, as illegal alien invaders are, these invaders have yet to get the message that they are owed nothing, entitled to no voice with regard to what is law or should be law, and their “demands” mean zip. “… We should be afforded the same due process and equal protection guaranteed to all by the Constitution.” Again, Mr. Jose needs to get a copy of the Constitution of the united States of America and read it carefully. The Constitution speaks and applies to citizens, natural born citizens and naturalized citizens. It does not apply to illegal alien invaders; however, the nation already extends “due process” to illegal alien invaders through immigration laws and illegal alien invaders receive more protection under the law than citizens at this point.

It’s obvious this group is making demands without reading the Constitution as it calls on “the United States [to] fulfill its historic democratic promise by making these rights a reality.” Wouldn’t it be nice if criminals making demands actually knew the type of government they were demanding respond to their tantrum. For your information, Mr. Jose, this nation is a constitutional republic, guaranteeing each sovereign State a republic form of government.

The demands termed “Bill of Rights” they want incorporated as “law of the land” or added to the Constitution follows below.

1. Acknowledgment that we are already here, that we are human beings with a right to be, that our mere presence cannot be deemed illegal or our existence alien.

American citizens already acknowledge illegal alien invaders are here. No one has ever denied the group as inhuman or denied their right to exist. However, the presence in this nation in contradiction to the laws of this nation means the individual is here illegally making the presence in the nation illegal. As a citizen of a foreign nation, and not the uS, the individuals are alien to this nation. If that is unpalatable for the “group,” entry into this nation should have been done legally; since it wasn’t, no one is forcing you to remain here.

2. Affirmation that we are to be treated with dignity and respect, not just because of who we are, but who you are — historic beneficiaries of immigrant struggles for the freedom to be.

Every illegal alien invader should study some American history before demanding anything to understand this nation was a colony of Great Britain. Colonists, from Great Britain, settled here to gain freedom to practice their religion, instead of supporting the Church of England. Great Britain allowed citizens of other nations to “immigrate” to the colonies as other European nations also possessed territories in the now united States. Historically, the colonists, subjects of Great Britain, declared independence from a “tyrannical” government, King George III of Great Britain, to form a new nation. Technically, the colonists, who were subjects of Great Britain residing in a territory claimed by Great Britain, were not immigrants, but settlers in a new territory owned/claimed by Great Britain. Once independence was declared and won, residents of the various colonies became citizens and the colonies referred to as States. When immigration opened in 1808, those who came to this nation were allowed by the government of the new nation to enter under the conditions set forth by law. Therefore, no “immigrant struggled for the freedom to be” in the War of Independence. Those who came to this nation, legally, afterward enjoyed the ability to partake of the “freedom” won by former subjects of Great Britain, who became citizens of the nation, and help in the continued building of a nation.

No one has denied any illegal alien invader from being treated with dignity or respect. Citizens, however, do have authority to demand the law be enforced and violators punished according to law. If this “demand” refers to terminology used to describe the group, the group should realize this occurs frequently even among citizen groups. If you don’t like the terminology, you are free to leave and re-enter legally.

3. Recognition of our right to be presented with a path to citizenship/residency as the first priority of future immigration policy combined with interim deferment of all law-abiding Undocumented Americans against detention and deportment.

Illegal alien invaders are “law breaking” by simply entering this nation without proper application through our immigration law. Therefore, there is not one illegal alien invader that can be declared “law-abiding.” These individuals may have followed all the laws of this nation since entering illegally; however, the initial breaking of the law cannot be ignored. As an example, a murderer may follow all other laws except the law prohibiting murder. Despite the murderer following all other laws, he remains a criminal, to be dealt with according to the law addressing murder. Breaking the law disqualifies any illegal alien invader from citizenship/residency or other privileges this nation affords.

Again, no individual or human being possesses the “right” to be a citizen of any nation. It is a privilege nations bestow on individuals outside those born of it when the individual “applies” to immigrate to the nation. Illegal alien invaders have zero right to demand a nation reward a privilege just because they broke the law and face retribution.

4. Compelled authorization of birth certificates for our US born children to ensure their constitutionally guaranteed right to citizenship.

Again, it would be nice if these people actually read the founding documents of a nation “they claim to want to be a part of.” (sorry for the prepositional end) The Constitution guarantees no one the “right to citizenship” as citizenship is a privilege that a nation can revoke or a citizen denounce. These people need to understand the difference between a right and a privilege. Rights are given by God, are inherent, and everyone has them; privileges are bestowed by nations and entities, are not inherent, not everyone has them and can be revoked or denounced at any time. States are required to follow immigration law as the federal government has the authority to make immigration law on behalf of all States. Children born in the US to illegal alien invaders should not be awarded citizenship privileges based on the issuance of a birth certificate if neither parent is a citizen.

5. Protection against cruel and unusual punishment, including separation of our immediate families and incarceration without charges, hearings or representation.

Seriously? Separation of families hardly qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment. When referring to “cruel and unusual punishments,” as outlined in the Eighth Amendment, it refers to the punishment fitting the crime — i.e., it would be cruel and unusual punishment to sentence a thief to death or life in prison. Separation of families occur for many reasons, which can hardly be labeled “cruel and unusual punishment” — criminals incarcerated for crimes where there is only one parent. It is a hardship but hardly cruel and unusual punishment. By virtue of entering the nation illegally without proper application makes one a criminal subject to incarceration until the law can be exacted, meaning being deported. If you cannot provide proof of citizenship, one is considered illegally in the nation, subject to incarceration and deportation — that’s the due process afforded under the law. Plenty of organizations exist to “represent” illegal alien invaders in every venue, including attorneys. Due process is followed for illegal alien invaders who commit additional crimes to include filing of charges, representation by an attorney and a hearing all at taxpayer expense. This is all afforded as a courtesy, which is better than other nations’ treatment of illegal alien invaders. Show more gratitude, less arrogance and demanding demeanor.

6. Access to non-discriminating public education and in-state tuition to ensure our children realize their full potential for themselves and the country.

Many American citizens would like the same thing. As it stands, there is no public education system in this nation that does not discriminate. Islam is preferred to Christianity in schools. Transgender “rights” to use opposite sex bathroom facilities are trying to trump the rights of girls and women in some places. Government institutions of indoctrination are lobbied to teach that sodomy is normal and everyone should be “queerified.” Every parent who has a child attending the university of their choice out of state would like to be able to take advantage of “in-state” tuition.

Taxpayers are already paying for “your” children to be in the public government indoctrination centers, aka schools. “Your” children access public schools daily without any threat whatsoever. What this amounts to is demanding your children receive “special” status regarding secondary education over citizens. Come to this nation legally and become a citizen if you want in-state tuition rates.

7. Guarantee of wage equality with a legal right to petition for wage theft or workplace mistreatment without jeopardizing our immigration status.

Let us all understand this, Mr. Jose. You want a “guarantee of wage equality,” something no other citizen receives, with a “legal right to petition for wage theft,” again something not all citizens receive; plus, the right to petition about “workplace mistreatment,” which could mean anything from not being allowed to cut your toenails at work to being beat for arriving to work late. And, you want all of this not to jeopardize the immigration status. What immigration status? We are talking about illegal alien invaders — that’s the immigration status. There is nothing to jeopardize as that was done when all of you crossed the border against the law.

8. Assurance of humanitarian treatment, including medical care.

Unbelievable. No one is preventing any illegal alien invader from receiving medical care. You may access any doctor or hospital for treatment providing you can pay for the treatment. Even when illegal alien invaders can’t pay for the treatment, the facility counts it as a loss, raises their rates, and passes that increase onto paying consumers and insurance carriers. And, humanitarian treatment? In other words, “give us all these programs reserved for citizens while taxpaying citizens foot the bill.” Mr. Jose, illegal alien invaders nor citizens of this nation have the “right” to demand others pay for their upkeep or should hand over their hard earned money because it’s “humanitarian.” You are not entitled to receive the fruits of anyone else’s labor.

9. Protection against detention or deportation when we report a crime as a victim of witness.

10. Guarantee of the Declaration’s unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Mr. Jose, all anyone can say to you is, “you should have thought about all of this before deciding to commit a crime and enter this nation illegally.” You had a choice. You made it. Now, you have to live with those choices. Too bad you made a bad choice.

What you cite as the “Declaration’s unalienable rights” are actually “self-evident truths.” You receive the right to life as no one is trying to kill you, nor does any citizen see death as punishment for breaking immigration law. You have liberty and freedom — you make choices about your life daily, including the one to break a nation’s immigration law. Choices have consequences, which is a fact of life. You are also free to leave of your own accord to avoid the consequences of your criminal action. No one is preventing you from pursuing your happiness. In fact, it was you and all other illegal alien invaders who jeopardized that self-evident truth when you made the choice to violate a nation’s immigration law thereby becoming a criminal.

To be perfectly honest with you and all other illegal alien invaders, Mr. Jose, many American citizens are sick of hearing your belly-aching about the consequences you don’t want to face because of your choices. This nation has more than extended a hand of tolerance to illegal alien invaders and certainly we have extended a welcoming hand to legal immigrants. Mr. Jose, you and your ilk have worn out your welcome. You have no right to demand anything from this nation, its citizens or its government. In all honesty, you should be begging for leniency. Instead, you act as though you are “entitled” to more than any citizen because you broke the law, involved children, and are looking to “get a pass” on criminal actions and move to the front of the line. Where do you and other illegal alien invaders get the idea you deserve to be ahead of those individuals who followed legal means to enter this nation? Individuals going through the legal process to enter this nation are truly interested in being a US citizen, instead of refusing to assimilate, demanding to be accommodated, and exhibiting such arrogance as to believe themselves above the law.

Mr. Jose, call us citizens who are against “amnesty” for lawbreakers anything you like. We stand in support of immigration law enforcement and refining the laws to further protect this nation from inside insurrection from illegal alien invaders. You can call us “bigots, haters, isolationists, racists,” or any other name or label you want. In the words of “Gone with the Wind” character, Rhett Butler, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a dam!” As your liberal progressive supporters like to say, “Suck it up, buttercup.”

*Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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