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Martin Guitars & Gender

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While Michael is on vacation, he asked me to read you an email that he recently sent to the Martin Guitar Company.

Dear friends at Martin Guitar, While I usually don’t take the time to answer online surveys, my admiration and loyalty to Martin Guitar prompted me to pause to answer the one you recently sent me by email.

Regrettably, however, when I got to the question regarding my gender and the question presupposed that there were more than two genders, I had to stop. My sincere respect for your company prompts me to suggest that whoever decided to put a question on your survey, which presupposes that there are more than two genders, is not qualified to work for or to represent your company in any capacity.

My mother used to say, “If Johnny jumped off the cliff, would you jump off the cliff?” Your mother probably said this also. Just because the current American culture is “jumping off the cliff” with respect to their grip on reality, it is not necessary nor prudent for the otherwise respectable Martin Guitar Company to do the same. Genesis 1, verse 27 tells us that God made them male and female.

That’s it. End of story. There are only two genders.

Article by Michael Peroutka

The Washington Standard

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