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Masked Antifa Thugs Chase Ilhan Omar’s Congressional Challenger Out Of Event With Weapons

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As the calls come down for a thorough investigation into the documented and alleged crimes of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), her congressional opponent for 2020, Danielle Stella, was attacked and threatened earlier this month by masked, armed Antifa thugs and driven from an event in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Stella wrote, “ANTIFA held a meeting local to MN D5, so I decided to uncover their hatred towards the border patrol, Donald J. Trump, and our military. It was an open invite & sat quietly, listening & recording, in complete disgust.”

“I discovered ANTIFA are actively helping illegal immigrants by-pass the ports of entry and attempt to circumvent the law,” she added.  “They admitted that Trump’s newer policies at the border are working and making it harder for illegals to circumvent the immigration system. I’ll let the rest of the video explain itself.”

Shane Trejo of Big League Politics has more on the story.

Stella infiltrated an ANTIFA event in Minneapolis, MN on Aug. 6. She witnessed the domestic terror group’s ongoing “Border Resistance Tour” to promote their plan to obstruct border enforcement in El Paso, TX from Sept. 1 to Sept. 10, as they hope abolish ICE and allow third-world migrants to flood the borders unabated.

“Instead of doing their court cases on the U.S. side of the border, they are applying for asylum at a point of entry around U.S. soil on the border, and then are being sent back to Mexico to whatever border town they were in, and they have to be doing their court process while remaining there,” one ANTIFA organizer said via a Skype call-in to the Minneapolis event.

Stella was only able to capture a few minutes of the discussion that was taking place before she was ushered out of the event, and that is when the left-wing intimidation began.

Stella posted video of what took place on her Facebook page.


Stella said, “I was leaving. I went out the back way, and she followed me to the parking lot, and she said ‘nope, you need to get off the property completely,’ and started complaining I wasn’t doing it fast enough.”

According to Stella, the woman was yelling threats at her and there were a number of armed, masked Antifa thugs along with her that were meant to intimidate her.

“One of the ANTIFA men had a baseball bat, and another one had a cattleprod. They decided to give me 30 seconds, and they also threatened to call the police on me while holding weapons and wearing their ANTIFA riot gear,” she said.

However, she did call them out for the cowards that they truly are.

“When you have a whole bunch of you in riot gear and weapons, who do you think you are? A bunch of losers is what you are,” Stella said.

“Why did I get kicked out of a public event that they put online? There were no signs saying no videotaping. I was not being disruptive. ANTIFA sucks,” she continued.

“To clarify, the parking lot did not belong to that lady. The parking lot was a shared property. There are other businesses nearby,” she added.

Here’s what I want to know:  when are armed patriots going to stand up to these little fascists and push back?  Furthermore, when are our representatives going to call them what they really are, domestic terrorists, and start prosecuting these people?

Antifa is not engaging in free speech.  They are engaging in intimidation tactics and criminal threats against law-abiding people.

And the criminal representative from Minnesota would have it so.  After all, she loves anti-American terrorists.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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