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Mass Cattle Deaths: Coincidence?

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Over 3,000 cattle just keeled over and died in southwest Kansas. Is this just another coincidence that cattle happen to be important to the food supply chain?

Following over 100 fires that appear to be acts of sabotage against food facilities across the United States, speculation is now running rampant about thousands of cattle that appear to have died suddenly in Kansas over the weekend.  The mainstream media at the command of the ruling class are declaring these deaths to be the result of “heat, humidity, and lack of wind.”

Mike Adams of Natural News decided to dig into this issue further. He called one of his friends who owns several hundred head of cattle. He was already aware of the Kansas “mass death” event and had been discussing it with other cattle owners. Adams asked him if he believed the media story that all these cattle suddenly died from heat exposure. His answer?

“I doubt it very seriously that so many would drop dead all at the same time,” he told me. “In a heat-related incident, they wouldn’t all drop dead at the same time. You would see a few dead at a time, scattered across the herd, but not so many deaths all at once.”

Almost anyone who sees the video of the dead herd of cattle understands that that was not the result of heat. But what was it? All we know for sure is that the government is at war with the slaves. The masters are deliberately destroying the energy infrastructure and obliterating the economy as they simultaneously crash asset markets and utterly destroy the future viability of pensions. All while it’s become overtly obvious that they’re taking down the food supply chain on purpose, thrusting the American people into food scarcity, food inflation and real famine.

More Major Disasters Hit U.S. Food Production – Are You Prepared For What Comes Next?

As grocery store shelves continue to empty and food-like products Americans are addicted to become more scarce, we approach the day that riots and societal collapse become our reality.

With each passing day, they tear down something else that keeps the economy running: Pipelines, international trade, railroads, infant formula manufacturing, etc. Week after week, the food collapse intensifies while food prices skyrocket. The end result is abundantly obvious: Widespread food scarcity combined with sky-high prices that few will be able to afford. –Mike Adams, Natural News


Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

The Washington Standard

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