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#MeToo Foundation Picked by Biden for Women’s Council Caught In 3rd Sexual Harassment Scandal

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In my article today, Exec of #MeToo Group That Covered for Biden’s Sex Abuse Heads His Gender Policy Council, I laid out some of the ugly history of Time’s Up, a joint venture by Hollywood and Obama veterans to control allegations of sexual harassment under the guise of fighting them.

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When Tara Reade accused Joe Biden of sexual assault. Reade had initially reached out to people at Time’s Up only to be told that the organization legally couldn’t support her because Biden was a political candidate. President Trump was also a political candidate, but that hadn’t stopped Time’s Up from attacking him.

“I actually cried a little because I felt really betrayed,” Reade had said. “They never told me that their public relations was run by Anita Dunn. I found out in real-time reading Ryan’s article. I gave them so much personal information and they say they didn’t give it to Biden. But come on. They said they had firewalls or something.”

The Chief Strategy and Policy Officer for Time’s Up, Jennifer Klein, maxed out her donations to Biden. Klein, a former Obama and Clinton vet, has now been appointed by Biden as the co-chair of Biden’s new White House Gender Policy Council,

Even though Time’s Up was supposed to be the ultimate group to fight sexual harassment, it kept getting tangled up in it anyway.


In 2019, Lisa Borders, the CEO of Time’s Up, was forced to resign when her son, a formerly homeless yoga instructor, was accused of groping one of his clients during a “healing” session. Borders explained that she was resigning because she wanted to defend her son, but still got paid $591,000 for half a year’s work as part of a “severance agreement” with the group.


When a documentary about the women alleging that they had been raped by Russell Simmons, a celebrity hip-hop producer who was also a pal of racist Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, was close to release, Oprah Winfrey pulled out, under pressure from Simmons.

Time’s Up not only joined Oprah in refusing to support the victims, but allegedly started a whispering campaign to sabotage the documentary.

And now there’s a third sexual harassment case entangling Time’s Up

One of the group’s top members, Dr. Esther Choo, has been accused of silencing a woman who’s trying to report sexual harassment—and Time’s Up leadership is standing by Choo, even as at least 18 members of its sister group Time’s Up Healthcare have resigned in protest.

It all started with a $45 million federal lawsuit last month that accused Dr. Jason Campbell—known as the “TikTok Doc” for his viral dances on the platform—of sexually harassing and assaulting a coworker at Oregon Health and Science University.

Choo, who works as a professor of emergency medicine at the university, is not a defendant in the suit. But she’s accused of failing to report the alleged abuse, as required under Title IX, when the coworker told her about it in March 2020.

“I am representing Esther Choo, because she’s my friend,” said Kaplan, who’s also representing E. Jean Carroll in her defamation lawsuit against former President Donald Trump.

Of course, she is.

Tina Tchen, Time’s Up president and CEO, released a statement Wednesday defending Choo.

Another co-founder of Time’s Up Healthcare, Laura Stadum, who works at Oregon Health and Science University’s Title IX coordinator, was also named in the lawsuit and accused of violating the school’s Title IX policy.

Tchen made a suggestion that she would later reiterate, in slightly different terms, in her statement: If everyone stepped back whenever they were accused of wrongdoing, there would be no one left.

Now, remember the whole premise of Time’s Up was that the time was up for sexual harassment or for tolerating it. Now here’s Choo again.

The lawsuit alleges that the coworker later told Choo that Campbell had allegedly also harassed and assaulted another employee, but said that employee was afraid of reporting it. “It’s never worth it. Never,” Choo allegedly texted the coworker.


The #MeToo movement is a joke. Time’s Up is an even bigger joke. And Biden’s Gender Policy Council will be headed by a top exec at a thoroughly discredited organization.

Sounds about right.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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