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Michigan Faces Major Voter Fraud Concerns as Calls for Voter Roll Cleanup Intensify

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Fraud is now the only way Democrats can win in many states all across America. In Michigan, the fraud needed will be even greater than used in 2020, as Trump’s popularity continues to rise while Biden loses key supporters.

Michigan has emerged as a focal point in discussions about voter fraud in America, largely due to controversies surrounding its Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson. Backed by George Soros, Benson has been accused of maintaining dirty voter rolls, leading to concerns about election integrity.

During the 2020 election, reports surfaced that votes were processed at the TCF Center despite voters’ names not appearing in the electronic or supplemental poll books. This raised suspicions about the legitimacy of these votes, with poll challengers unable to verify if they were cast by real individuals or “ghost voters.” In September 2020, Benson admitted that 500,000 of the 7.7 million unsolicited absentee ballot applications sent out were returned because the recipients had either died or moved. Despite this, she only removed 177,000 names from the voter rolls after a lawsuit was filed by conservative activist Tony Daunt, demanding cleanup of the voter lists.

The RNC also filed a lawsuit against Benson in March, urging her to address the inflated voter registration rolls, which they claim violate the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA). The lawsuit highlighted that in 53 of Michigan’s 83 counties, there are more active registered voters than adult citizens, with some counties exceeding 90% voter registration rates.

Additionally, Michigan Fair Elections (MFE) reported over 320,000 “ghost voters” in the state’s Qualified Voter Files as of May 2024. These ghost voters are names that remain on the voter rolls despite the original registrants having moved, died, or been re-registered with duplicate identification numbers. Such discrepancies present opportunities for voter fraud, particularly through mail-in ballots.

The problem of bloated voter rolls isn’t new; it echoes issues faced by countries like Zimbabwe, where voter rolls have historically been inflated with non-existent voters to manipulate election results. The persistence of ghost voters in Michigan underscores the ongoing struggle to maintain clean and accurate voter registration records.

To combat this, citizens are encouraged to participate in efforts to clean up voter rolls. Tools like Check My Vote allow individuals to identify and report ghost voters to their local clerks. Active engagement with local election officials and support for election integrity groups are crucial steps in ensuring fair and transparent elections.

Randy Schiffer, an election integrity advocate, has been instrumental in analyzing and addressing these issues. His work with various election integrity groups aims to prevent voter fraud and promote accurate voter registration practices in Michigan.

The stakes are high, as ensuring the integrity of elections is fundamental to the democratic process. Without concerted efforts to address these issues, there is a risk that the integrity of future elections could be compromised, mirroring the electoral challenges seen in less stable democracies.  Yes, we are virtually a banana republic at this very moment. The Democrats are 100% responsible along with the Deep State.  All America is waking up now to this fact, so a repeat of the scams of 2020 will most likely explode on the Left in ways they would never believe. AMerican freedom is not something to just die in the night.

Key Points:

i. Voter Fraud Concerns: Michigan has become a focus of voter fraud discussions due to allegations of maintaining inaccurate voter rolls under Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

ii. 2020 Election Issues: During the 2020 election, votes were processed despite missing names in voter records, raising suspicions about the legitimacy of those votes.

iii. Lawsuits and Cleanup Efforts: Conservative activist Tony Daunt and the RNC have filed lawsuits against Benson, demanding the cleanup of voter rolls, which allegedly include many ghost voters.

iv. Inflated Voter Rolls: Reports indicate over 320,000 ghost voters in Michigan’s Qualified Voter Files, with several counties showing more registered voters than adult citizens.

v. Citizen Involvement: Efforts like Check My Vote encourage citizens to report ghost voters to local clerks, emphasizing the need for active engagement to ensure election integrity.

James Kravitz – Reprinted with permission of Whatfinger News

The Washington Standard

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