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Michigan: Representative Tells Soldiers To Make “Trumpers” “Pay” – Gets Stripped Of House Committee Assignments – Where’s Justice For Clear Threats She Made?

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Clearly, the Michigan militia is going to have to step it up a bit.  First, it was the tyrant in the governor’s mansion abusing her authority over the people she is supposed to serve.  Then, it was those in her administration.  When militia attempted to arrest her and bring her to trial, they were arrested and demonized despite the Constitutional provisions in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15 for them to do so.  Now, Michigan Rep. Cynthia A Johnson, a Democrat from Detroit has been removed from all her House Committee assignments following what was a clearly criminal threat against “Trumpers.”

Mad World News reports:

What fresh hell is this? That’s what you may be asking yourself after watching Democrat Cynthia Johnson’s new three-minute video. You may recall Johnson made headlines for being combative after the Michigan hearing.

She also attacked IT specialist Hima Kolanagireddy as a “liar,” after the Michigan poll watcher gave testimony about the Dominion tabulators and backed up the testimony of Melissa Carone, another IT specialist that was contracted by Dominion to work at the TCF Arena in Detriot.

“You’re allowing people to come in here and lie, and I know they’re lying!” Johnson claimed during the Michigan hearing on December 3.

Fast forward to December 8, and Johnson has a meltdown on Facebook. 

“Always provide proof. Nobody cares what your mouth is saying,” Johnson said. “Provide proof. Hit their asses in the pocketbook.”

Johnson then made a claim that someone in Illinois threatened her via voice mail. That’s when she goes on to attack “Trumpers.”

“So, this is just a warning to you Trumpers,” Johnson declared. “Be careful. Walk lightly. We ain’t playing with you. Enough of the shenanigans. Enough is enough. And for those of you who are soldiers—you know how to do it. Do it right. Be in order. Make them pay.”


Of course, people called into police, which probably won’t result in anything seeing that Whitmer is still in office. Hint, hint…

Called Michigan State Police at 517-322-1907 and they said they’re aware of this and have had numerous calls and are actively investigating this threat from @RepCAJohnson. This is outrageous,” tweeted Sidney’s Doppelganger. 


“This is a threat to silence the opposing party by violent means. She is on public record calling for violence across state lines. She clearly calls on her ‘soldiers’ and instructs them ‘Make them pay.’ FBI should investigate,” tweeted Mario Cordon.

The same FBI that was in on spying on the Trump campaign, that failed to deal with the man who wanted to behead Pamela Geller, the same FBI who couldn’t tackle 9/11 properly, and gave a green light to jihadis in Garland Texas, along with failing to bring Hillary Clinton to justice?  That FBI?  Surely you jest!

“Isn’t she the one in the hearing that only asked for name, spelling and maiden name of a terrified witness? As though she were gonna DOX?” tweeted “Thinkologist.”


Here’s the clip referenced.

She also took to Facebook claiming to talk to “soldiers of Christ.”  If you wonder what a devil sounds like, this is it.

Following Johnson’s comments, MLIVE reported:

Edited clips of Johnson’s video quickly spread on social media, shared by conservative media outlets and the president’s campaign press communications director. Many conservatives interpreted Johnson’s comments as a call to murder Trump supporters.

“This is disgraceful,” read one post from the Trump campaign’s official Twitter account. “Imagine the outrage if a Republican did something even remotely close to this?”

Some users called for Johnson to resign or face criminal charges. One video was viewed nearly 1 million times by Wednesday afternoon.

Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox accused Johnson of inciting violence. Cox said it was “distressing” to hear of threats against Johnson but said the lawmaker “sunk to the same level as the unhinged individuals who threatened her.”

“I am incredibly disturbed by Representative Cynthia Johnson’s deranged Facebook rant,” Cox said in a statement. “It is reprehensible that an elected official would call on her ‘soldiers’ to make the supporters of an opposing party ‘pay’, and clearly such a statement could incite people to violence.”

Less than two hours later, House Speaker Lee Chatfield, R-Levering, announced that Johnson has been removed from her committee assignments due to her comments. Chatfield said Johnson could face “further disciplinary action as the proper authorities conduct their own investigations.”

“Threats to either Democrats or Republicans are unacceptable and un-American,” Chatfield said in a statement. “They’re even more unbecoming of an elected official. Rep. Johnson has been removed from her committee assignments, and we are looking into further disciplinary action as the proper authorities conduct their own investigations.”

House Democratic Leader Christine Greig called Chatfield’s decision to remove Johnson’s committee assignments “partisan theatre.” She called on Republican leadership to stop “coddling conspiracy theorists” agitated over unproven allegations of election fraud.

“The perpetuation of meritless and disingenuous claims of election fraud — without the production of any evidence weeks after the general election — continues to fuel an increasingly dangerous and destructive political environment that needlessly removes focus on addressing the significant challenges of the pandemic as it continues to claim the lives and livelihoods of Michiganders across our state and throughout the political spectrum,” Greig said in a statement.

Conspiracy theorists?  The woman was blabbering her intentions on social media.  Perhaps, someone needs to get rid of Greig too.

I’ll grant that is’ political theater, but that’s why the people who claim they are against this kind of criminal behavior need to bring justice to those behaving this way and stop “coddling” criminals.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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