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Migrant Caravan Reach Border & Climb Atop Fencing Effortlessly (Video)

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Members from one of the migrant caravans finally reached the US border on Tuesday.  Videos were captured and Border Patrol agents were on the scene as they were witnessed climbing effortlessly up the wall and standing and sitting atop it.

Fox 5 reports:

SAN DIEGO — People on the Mexican side of the border could be seen climbing the fence near Border Field State Park Tuesday afternoon after part of the Central American migrant caravan arrived in Tijuana.

Several people scaled the fence and sat on top of it. A few jumped or crawled to openings in the fence onto U.S. soil but quickly ran back as Border Patrol agents approached.

Several border agents were seen patrolling the area in trucks, 4-wheelers, a helicopter and on horses.

Video of the migrants was captured in various reports.

Increased activity at the U.S.-Mexico border after part of the Central American migrant caravan arrived in Tijuana. Border Patrol has not confirmed whether this group is part of the caravan.STORY: http://via.kswbtv.com/Ky5E4

Posted by FOX 5 San Diego on Tuesday, November 13, 2018

US Customs and Border Patrol San Diego tweeted, “The first group of the migrant caravan arrived at the Tijuana border yesterday afternoon. has deployed resources to safely secure the area near Imperial Beach. All seeking entry into the U.S. are urged to present themselves at an official Port of Entry.”

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen said, “Border security is national security, and will enforce our nation’s laws. Today, I am at the border talking with officials on how we are securing ports of entry.”

She also met with Secretary of Defense James Mattis in Texas.

So far, we are being told that authorities are keeping an eye on the migrants as they celebrate their journey, but no reports have been issued saying they have actually crossed over yet.

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