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Morality’s Dilemma In The Betsy DeVos-Led US’ Federal “Education” System

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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, pardon the interruption on my blog, but natural disasters and family emergencies had me temporarily wearing my “Mom” hat. No worries, my trusty Anti CCSS Machine helmet is firmly in place.

I hope you’ve seen the anti Fed Ed WarriorPeter Greene’s article for Forbes. It hit the presses about 3 days ago and announced a new ACT, Inc. morality assessment is in the works.

Now, hang on a minute, the assessment is for the UAE (United Arab Empire)BUT, knowing how much of the UAE’s money has flowed through the CCSS Machine, we know it’s only a matter of time before the (American based) ACT, Inc. has an American version.

Holy hurricanes, we could use the SAME one as the UAE’s. The Crown Prince selected ACT, Inc. to create this SEL (Social Emotional Learning) test. Warriors, you may find it interesting to know that because there are American schools in Dubai, CCSS is already implemented there, too. (*Note: start on Page 5 of this 2015 Report.)

Not to take away from Peter’s article, I wanted to dig a bit deeper to connect a few more dots for you, my fellow anti Fed Ed Warriors.


What follows is what else we can uncover about the harmful effects morality assessments have for our nation.

First Up, the UAE’s “Moral Education”:

The website link is here.  The morals are centered upon 4 pillars. Number #1: Character and morality; Number #2: Individual and Community; #3: Civics Studies, and #4: Culture Studies. The morality is to begin in first grade and continue all the way to twelfth grade. Outcomes (government directed, as all ‘outcomes’ are) are to have UAE students become a ‘local’ and ‘global’ generation. Why? For the greater good of a wider global existence!
The goals for each are summarized below:
#1: Tolerance, honesty, and resilience
#2: Community activist
#3: UAE’s governance must be known and understood
#4: UAE’s traditions and symbols as inherent parts of society

uaegrit Source of G20/UAE information

Warriors, you may be wondering why I brought up the G20 (Group of 20). Recently, our U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos traveled to Argentina to attend the first G20 Education Summit. If you missed my research on what DeVos’s trip to South America did for North American education, specifically, the United States, here’s brief look at how SELfactors into the global push for resilience:

Source for this list and complete information about the G20 meeting

Warriors, does any of this sound familiar? Upon finishing up her South American trip, DeVos waxed positive about how much American education needs to catch up with other countries. Oddly enough, it was the EdWeek (Gates Foundation funded) which shared her thoughts. Among those thoughts? “School choice”, robust apprenticeships, and more.
(*Note: from the UAE’s Ministry of Education website, you can see that students are sent to the US and the Netherlands to learn more about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Math) related courses to uphold the UN’s ‘sustainability’ as well as align with the UAE’s “Innovation” platforms. DeVos’s thoughts about how American education also included her earlier visit to the Netherlands.)

Warriors, in other words: lies and hype to increase not only global education, but setting America up for workforce prep factories, not academic institutions.

What’s UAE’s Overall Goal For Moral Education?

While the UAE’s Education Ministers didn’t attend the G20 Education Summit, the unity between the UN (United Nations) and the G20; their shared ‘love’ for global education and global citizens is evident in the UAE’s Moral curriculum(*Note: Saudi Arabia did attend the G20, however, UAE and Saudi Arabia are neighbors, not the same country. UAE and Saudi Arabia do share some culture and tradition common threads, as do the other Gulf Cooperation Council countries.)

Some common threads between the UAE Moral Education and the current USA education:
1) ‘whole child’ immersion
2) engage the family at home so the morality education is seamless
3) whole village involvement
4) those in charge of national activities in education are appointed

All overseen and laid out by the school or regulators.

I did try to find out what exactly the UAE’s curriculum and/or resources are, but you have to register to have an account and log-in. What I did see were the goals. Granted they SOUND great, right? But as we know global UN-G20 Agenda lurks behind them:

  • ME and my world
  • Being brave and staying safe
  • Growing up and well being
  • Helping and making a difference
  • Taking responsibility for self and others
  • Ethics in sport; leisure
  • Physical health and diet
  • Mental health
  • Making good decisions
  • Digital challenge
  • Valuing diversity
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Financial awareness
  • Living a moderate life
  • Reflection and transition


Then look at the Symposium highlighted statements:


Some Resources:
1) If you’d like to learn more about the German entitlements for higher education, go here.
2) To find out what Saudi Arabia will do in 2020 when it hosts the G20 (and another education group meeting will take place, go here(Note, in 2019, Japan will host the education G20 group.)
3) If you are interested in learning the UAE’s national education mission and values, visit here. They’ll look a lot like what our national mission has become. You’ll probably even recognize your State’s education mission statement to sound almost like the UAE’s.

A Huge Concern For Americans:

With the push for globalization of education, we know globalized religion is also connected. It has to be with ‘moral’ education. Globalizing America also means immigration. It touches education, too. Immigration touches our communities as well.
We see how in the modern education shift family values are under attack, we see how certain groups of citizens are marginalized, we see parents being pushed out of their children’s lives as authority and replaced by the schools, we see Christianity under attack, too.

Look at the news, Warriors. You know our nation’s freedoms are being laid upon an altar.

From a research thesis on the UAE and from San Francisco, look below:

(Source for thesis)

Why should you read this thesis? Islam is mentioned 24 times. This research also shows the UAE culture, beliefs, and thus, morals. (*Note: the UAE is a UNESCO member country, just like the United States. As we know, UNESCO is a part of the United Nations.) Back in 2015, Beth Blankley reported on the Islamic indoctrination in Common Core State StandardsWarriors, we also know the amount of anti-Americanism is even more noticeable in 2018.

Don’t think those UAE morals won’t find their way into American education. Scroll back up and look at the Moral Education Pilot Schools. Some use American education. Then consider how CCSS is already embedded in the UAE.

Then, consider that the UAE CHOSE ACT, Inc. to create a moral assessment. Due to all the globalism, it is only a matter of time before morality tests are given in OUR schools, regardless of choice.

Why? Because ALL citizens must be measured morally to be considered a good citizen. China is already doing this to their citizens. If you do not ‘stack up’ morally, you are denied access to what we consider creature comforts..or worse, you can be denied a job.

Don’t think America would ever go there? Don’t think it won’t show up in education? It already has! It’s called WorkKeysWorkKeys is ACT, Inc’s career pigeonholing test. These tests are used in schools and in job placement. One of the most chilling sales pitches for WorkKeys is basically this:
No WorkKeys, no certification; no certification, no job.

If you’d like to read how  International Workforce Certificates will categorize us like shades of crayons, follow this link.

Morals did surface at the G20 Education Summit. I featured one picture of a tweet by a global STEM ‘disciple’. He claims we can’t have education without morality. Notice he calls morality ‘skills’.


Not knowing for certain, but I believe this man is Turkish. Look at what else is on his Twitter feed about ‘moral skills’ and jobs. Also note the use of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills is used in the right-hand corner.

To see the P21/UN ties and ‘buddy-buddy’ attack on American education, read my archived article from 2017.Closing:

Warriors, as far as the ACT, Inc. press release about the moral assessment, it’s debuting in 2019. The press release also reveals that ACT has been in partnership with Connec ME Education (another Dubai based entity. This one is a P3 (public private partnership) between education and business (gee, that is what we have here in America, too). This P3focuses on technology/innovation and vocational training(Remember, vocational training was rebranded to meet the CCSS Machine’s Common Core aligned CTE, Career Tech Education.)

Connec ME’s website states that on the 15th of September (two days ago as of this article), the ACT International Assessment would be used via the ACT’s Aspire assessments. (I’ve detailed Aspire for you before.)
Why is Connec ME using Aspire? For its college/career readiness!

One thing we can take to the bank, with everyone in DC, from the President on down to the U.S. Dept. of Education and all the way to the UN, the G20’s grab at DeVos to force us into UN-backed alignment is horrible.

It attacks our freedoms, our choices, it mandates for us, not guiding us. The moral assessing is also going to violate our civil rights to privacy as well as our religious freedoms. The data mining will reach new lows in how much is taken without our consent or permission.

We’ll see the grade levels continue to disappear and replaced with mastering skills. This all plays into the CCSS Machine’s plan being carried out in DC via legislation. Remember, the proposed legislation to merge US Ed and US LaborG20 sure encourages that. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if DeVos’s changes include helping speed up the merger.

One last note for you, my Warriors: ACT, Inc. is a non-profit group. Surely we can shut THAT group down. Surely we can file lawsuits against our States for paying ‘dues’ to this group. Surely there is something we can do to STOP the over-assessing and manipulation of our nation. As we see, the College/Career Readiness is a ploy being used across the planet.

Article posted with permission from Lynne Taylor

The Washington Standard

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