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More Attacks Are Coming: “The Intent Here Was Jihad And It Was Carefully Premeditated And Planned”

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Though the FBI has been careful to use the term “terrorism” in connection with the San Bernadino massacre on Wednesday, even a novice investigator should be able to conclude that this is exactly what was behind it.

Immediately following the events in California the media put the anti-gun propaganda into high speed. If you were watching mainstream news you no doubt heard repeated mentions – to the point of annoyance – of words like “long guns” and “workplace violence.” The astute observer knows good and well what the agenda is and at some point today President Obama will confirm it, just as he did following the Fort Hood shooting and the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012. They want to disarm you, plain and simple.

But what happened at the social services center in San Bernardino was anything but workplace violence.

It was, by all accounts and publicly available evidence, a methodically planned attack.

The now deceased terrorists produced over a dozen pipe bombs. They came into the office building with GoPro cameras, presumably to record the killings and share them across ISIS-controlled social media pages. They were heavily armed with high capacity magazines and possibly AK-47’s, both of which are on the California ban list. A neighbor who feared being labeled a racist claims that people were coming in and out of their home at odd hours, along with a variety of packages. And, most notably, as The Daily Sheeple reported a full 12 hours before mainstream media would even utter the words, they were Muslims of middle eastern descent.

Karl Denninger sums it up succinctly:

There are those in the media who are trying to spin this as something that “set Syed off” at the holiday party, implying that there was some sort of quick-action rage motive.  This is utterly necessary for the “gun control” narrative that immediately came spewing out of the rectally-inverted President’s mouth within minutes of the massacre occurring, but it is also demonstrably and knowingly false.

Why?  Because these two left behind 14 pipe bombs, which you can’t manufacture in an instant.  It takes time, effort and planning to make improvised explosives, never mind plenty of care (or you blow yourself up.)  Second, what the hell was his wife doing involved in this and third, they dropped off their young child with a relative before starting.  These cannot be reconciled with a “rage monster” sort of event and instead point to clearly-premeditated and planned action.

It is quite obvious that the intent here was jihad and that it was carefully premeditated and planned.

Further evidencing the planning of this act they clearly intended to document their jihad as well as both had GoPro cameras strapped to their vests.

In addition they had explosives strapped to remote-control cars at their home and three IEDs were found and detonated at the site of the assault, apparently rigged to a toy car remote.  Fortunately they were either not commanded to detonate or malfunctioned.

So here’s the problem with the narrative that our jackass President and a number of others wish to run this morning: Two or more people intent on jihad don’t give a crap about gun laws and there is no lawful way to manufacture IEDs detonated with toy car remote controls.

In other words this has exactly zero to do with guns except in one way: When these two sheetheads decided to commit their horrific act there was exactly one opportunity to stop them and that was if a decent number of the people at that party had been carrying guns.

Source: The Market Ticker

This morning President Obama will declare another war on so-called “weapons of war.”

His proposed solution will be to disarm Americans to keep us safe from terrorists, though he will likely make absolutely no mention of Islamic extremism or Jihad as the motivating factor behind these attacks.

But make no mistake, that is exactly what the case is here.

Moreover, there are potentially another dozen individuals linked to Syden Farook and Tashfeen Malik, one of whom actually purchased their weapons for them legally from a U.S. based gun dealer. These people are sympathetic to the cause and actively assisted Farook and Malik.

Just as we highlighted after the attacks in Paris, this is only the beginning.

There are terrorists in our midst and just last month it was reported that eight Syrians were captured illegally attempting to cross the porous southern border into the United States. The Department of Homeland Security continues to deny that any credible threats exist, even though we know for certain that tens of  thousands of OTM (Other-Than-Mexican) illegal aliens have made their way into the United States over the last decade from at least 14 “special interest countries.”

“We have left the back door to the United States open,” former Rep. J.D. Hayworth told the station. “We have to understand that there are definitely people who mean to do us harm who have crossed that border.”

The threat is real.

We are at war and it has come to our shores. These people intend to kill you. They intend to kill your wife, your child, your father, your mother, your brother, your sister, and your neighbor.

They will sacrifice themselves in the name of Allah to do so.

As we saw yesterday, when seconds count police are minutes away.

There is only one way to stop or minimize such attacks in the future and it is the very opposite of what our elected officials will propose today.

Be armed. Be vigilant. Be ready for war.

*Article by Mac Slavo

The Washington Standard

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