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More Joe Biden Stories Are Coming Out: “Anybody Who’s Ever Been Around Joe Biden Has Been Touched By Him – Literally”

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For years, conservatives have been pointing out Joe Biden’s extremely inappropriate behavior with women and children, but the mainstream media almost entirely ignored it.  But now that some victims on the left are coming forward and speaking out, all of a sudden the mainstream media is all over this story.  Could it be possible that the media has been given the green light to destroy “Creepy Uncle Joe” because someone else is slated to get the Democratic nomination?  No new polls have been released since this scandal went viral, but an average of the previous six polls shows Biden with a solid 7.4 point lead over the rest of the field.  And even though he is not the most charismatic politician in the Democratic field, he is still widely loved by many on the left, and many people believed that he had the best chance of beating President Trump in November 2020.

But not now.  Lucy Flores dealt the first blow, and now more women are coming forward with their own stories.

Christian Science Monitor reporter Linda Feldmann recalls her encounter with Biden very vividly.  She was up in Connecticut on a very hot day to report on a political event, and the thing she remembers most about that day is “Mr. Biden’s sweaty arm”

We were at an outdoor event in Glastonbury, the sun blazing overhead, and I noticed the senators standing around chatting. I walked over and introduced myself. Senator Biden greeted me warmly – and then threw a sweaty arm over my shoulder, and gave me a squeeze. I cringed a little internally; I had never met Mr. Biden before. But I chalked the overly friendly gesture up to his personal style, and maybe a generational difference. I proceeded to interview the senators, but the thing I remember most vividly is Mr. Biden’s sweaty arm.

As Gail Russell Chaddock, a longtime congressional reporter for the Monitor put it, “Anybody who’s ever been around Joe Biden has been touched by him – literally.”

Clearly, Feldmann was not as offended by this encounter as Lucy Flores was, but she did admit that she “cringed a little” when Biden grabbed her.

What former congressional aide Amy Lappos is alleging is much more disturbing.  On Monday, she told the Hartford Courant about the time that Biden inappropriately touched her…

“It wasn’t sexual, but he did grab me by the head,”Amy Lappos told The Courant Monday. “He put his hand around my neck and pulled me in to rub noses with me. When he was pulling me in, I thought he was going to kiss me on the mouth.”

Like so many of Biden’s encounters, it was relatively brief, but Lappos continues to be traumatized by this memory to this day

“I never filed a complaint, to be honest, because he was the vice president. I was a nobody,” Lappos said. “There’s absolutely a line of decency. There’s a line of respect. Crossing that line is not grandfatherly. It’s not cultural. It’s not affection. It’s sexism or misogyny.”

Of course, these new allegations are not exactly shocking to those of us that have been following this story for years.

As Vox has noted, Biden has a very long history of touching women in inappropriate ways…

Biden’s been caught on camera embracing a female reporter from behind and gripping her above her waist, just below her bust. At a swearing-in ceremony for Defense Secretary Ash Carter, Biden put his hands on the shoulders of Stephanie Carter, Carter’s wife, and then leaned in and whispered into her ear. (He’s whispered into many women’s ears.) He’s also touched women’s faces and necks during other photo ops. Once at a swearing-in ceremony for a US senator, he held the upper arm of the senator’s preteen daughter, leaned down and whispered into her ear, as she became visibly uncomfortable. Then he kissed the side of her forehead, a gesture that made the girl flinch.

Biden just kept getting away with it, and so he just kept on doing it.

But now his skeletons are starting to catch up with him.

And Biden has always known that he makes women feel uncomfortable.  Just consider this old quote from well before this current uproar

“I’m a tactile politician,” Biden said March 16 during a speech in Dover, Del. “That gets me in trouble, as well, because I think I can feel and taste what is going on.”

I really can’t understand why some on the left are still choosing to defend the guy.

Just think about it.  If some dude went around touching women inappropriately, sniffing their hair and kissing them without permission, how long would that individual last in your workplace?

In no universe is such behavior acceptable, and this is a point that even CNN’s Jake Tapper is making

Discussing former Nevada lawmaker Lucy Flores’ claim he inappropriately touched and kissed her in 2014 at a campaign rally, Tapper said, “I have to say, if any of the men around this table behaved this way at our places of work, we would get reprimanded, we would get potentially even fired. You are not allowed to touch women inappropriately. Again, it doesn’t matter if your intention is sexual or just friendly — you can’t massage a woman’s shoulders and sniff her hair and kiss the back of her head. That’s not appropriate.”

Someone has just put up a fake Biden campaign site that highlights his inappropriate behavior, and I have to admit that it was the best April Fool’s joke that I saw this year.

His campaign is dead now, and he was receiving a very lukewarm reception from potential donors even before this story broke

Don’t just take my word for it; consider this recent AP headline: “Joe Biden faces a challenge winning over progressives. That challenge is affecting Biden’s fundraising efforts.” According to CNBC, “Skeptical Democratic donors tell Joe Biden they will not raise funds for him at the start of the 2020 campaign.”

Major donors admitted that “they’re not yet convinced he can overtake the younger, more diverse and progressive field, and that they are going to wait to see how he competes in the race.”

If America is ever going to move in a positive direction, we must demand moral behavior from our leaders.

And that includes those on both the left and the right.

Joe Biden’s behavior should disqualify him from running for any political office ever again, and anyone that tries to defend him is choosing to become part of the problem.

Article posted with permission from Michael Snyder

The Washington Standard

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