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Your Move: Putin’s Party Just Won Re-Election, And Now He’s “Reviving the KGB”

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OK, we all know the KGB never really “went away.”

But now it is coming back out of the closet in style.

Russia just held its national elections, and the results are solid for Putin and his Russia United party.

His mandate has been reaffirmed. There are two years or so remaining, officially, in his third term, and a fourth is possible.

The notorious agency in which Vladimir Putin started his path to power is now in the process of being revived under his presidency, at a time when warfare is reaching new threshold of sophistication and specificity. Media and communications, as well as electronic warfare now plays a pivotal role, and modern Russia has spent a fortune to be on the cutting edge. The cyber and information war that the Pentagon has initiated formally in the age of Obama, was pioneered by Putin and his comrades in the Cold War spying days in East Germany.

Today, Putin sits as the ranking senior figure among intelligence community-statesmen, and is planning a major overhaul of his national security structure that will restore KGB powers to the fullest level. One never leaves the KGB, after all.

According to the London Telegraph:

Russia plans effectively to revive the KGB under a massive shake-up of its security forces, a respected business daily has reported.

A State Security Ministry, or MGB, would be created from the current Federal Security Service (FSB) , and would incorporate the foreign intelligence service (SVR) and the state guard service (FSO), under the plans. It would be handed all-encompassing powers once possessed by the KGB, the Kommersant newspaper said, citing security service sources.

Like the much-feared KGB, it would also oversee the prosecutions of Kremlin critics, a task currently undertaken by the Investigative Committee, headed by Alexander Bastrykin, a former university classmate of President Putin. The Kremlin has not commented.

The MGB is expected to be in operation before the 2018 presidential elections, which could see Mr Putin secure a fourth term of office that would keep him in power until 2024.

Mr Putin served as a KGB officer in Soviet-era East Germany, and is also thought to have been responsible for keeping tabs on dissidents in his hometown of Leningrad, now St Petersburg. He headed the FSB from July 1998 to August 1999, before becoming prime minister,

On the global front, Putin has been pushed to the brink by NATO & co and repeatedly antagonized.

The provocations keep on coming, and Russia has responded in kind, with a massive build up in Ukraine, and new rules to the game in Syria where the U.S. and Russia are nominally allies but clearly at odds. Things are coming to a head.

There is no way of knowing when we will reach the point of no turning back, but the question of “if” seems all but settled.

What is certain is that Putin has become a very serious leader. And he is bringing about some very serious developments in world affairs.

In response, the U.S. leadership has been anything but serious – yet completely hostile.

President Obama has no cohesive narrative for the absurd and disastrous events that surround Libya, Syria and a host of Arab nations whose democratic uprisings descended into a radical front of blowback and death. Behind the scenes, this stuff was cooked up between the U.S. and many partners at branch intel labs across the region.

Putin has even called them out for this nonsense, but the White House has done nothing credible in response.

The neocon gang has been running rampant in Ukraine, etc. State Dept.’s Victoria Nuland comes to mind. Then there’s Hillary Clinton’s operational team at State Dept., conjoined with the shadowy efforts of Soros-sponsored uprisings and cash, etc. plus black ops, weapons/dumps and mercenary terrorists/freedom fighters. It’s a huge pile of contradictions and lies that has been building for 15+ years now.

Pure provocation in every direction. Why these nasties in government insist upon war with Russia, and surely other powerful nations, I don’t know. There are plenty of factors and motivations, of course. But it is audacious, insane and shameful.

Only days ago, the U.S. bombed Syrian forces – ostensibly “on accident” – giving advantage to an advancing al Nusra front. Yet another conspicuous tie in a hypocritical and nebulous alliance with ISIS/al Qaeda, etc. in the splinter wars of the “war on terror” across the Middle East.

To top it all off, the Russian government is now openly accusing the U.S. of collaborating with ISIS and other jihadis in Syria, and with good reason, stating:

The end of the ceasefire agreement also marks another significant problem with the peace efforts in Syria after Russian officials publicly accused the United States of helping Islamic State.

“If previously we had suspicions that Al-Nusra Front is protected this way, now, after today’s airstrikes on the Syrian army we come to a really terrifying conclusion for the entire world: The White House is defending IS [Islamic State],” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters.

The U.S. leadership has proven willing to pursue Assad’s ouster even at the price of being naked in its sponsorship of terrorist-rebel groups. That is a dangerous and desperate position to be in, and a position in which they are holding the American people and the world hostage.

Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS

The death of the dollar hegemony means a large and vicious animal, cornered.

A former CIA deputy director/acting director – who is publicly backing Hillary – was televised advocated taking out important figures surrounding Putin, Assad and the leaders in Iran and attempting to make them fear for their own survival. It was one shade off from an open threat.

And Putin is prepared to oblige their belligerency.

While Trump could bring a very chaotic and unpredictable four years, it is surely a graver threat to face that: in less than two months, Hillary Clinton could assume the presidency. Let us give pause  and think for a minute what that means.

Hillary Clinton 2008 : “If I’m the president, we will attack Iran”

Hillary Threatens War With Russia

Article reposted with permission from SHTF Plan

The Washington Standard

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