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Moving The Goalposts, Again? “It’s Not Over When The Vaccine Arrives”

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The propagandists in the mainstream media who parrot the official narrative for the government puppets who are being controlled by the international banking cartel are moving the goalposts once again. They spent months telling us the vaccine is the “final solution” in Bill Gates’ words, needed to return to “normal.”

Anyone who can’t see through this facade yet may never be able to wake up to what’s going on. This is about control of the entire planet, and to think otherwise or assume some politician will save you is ludicrous at this point. According to Axios, the end of this global pandemic almost certainly rests with a vaccine. That same article is hypocritically titled: It’s not over when the vaccine arrives.

This will not end until we end it and stop acquiescing to power. A Joe Biden presidency won’t end this, and neither will a Trump reelection – if there’s an election at all. (As if votes matter anyway. The puppets are chosen by the international banking cartel hellbent on owning us all.) In that same Axios article, they write: “Experts” caution that it’s important to have realistic expectations about how much the first vaccines across the finish line will — and won’t — be able to accomplish.

“It’s hard to make vaccines against coronaviruses,” said Mark Poznansky, an infectious-disease specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital. “It doesn’t mean it’s not possible but it is a challenge, especially with COVID-19, where we don’t yet understand the inflammatory response to the virus and what part of the immune response is critical to prevent infection.”

The public largely distrusts vaccines right now too.  From the beginning, this looked like an excuse to vaccinate the planet with DNA altering nanobots that can be controlled by the ruling class. Conspiracy theory? You be the judge. But the push for this vaccine comes at an uncanny time when the banksters want the world to go to a digital dollar so they can literally control every aspect of your life, down to the money you will or will not be allowed to have and spend.

None of this is being done for your own good, and no politician is in any position to save you.  Those that try, will not be around to do so.  The only way out of this is to wake up, stop giving your power to the tyrants in charge, and be the free human being you were born to be. We were not created to be slaves to anyone, including the banksters and the government. Open your eyes before it’s too late.

Knowing what’s going on is the first step to being able to prepare for what’s coming. Once you see beyond the veil, prepping is easy. It’s important to understand predictive programming and how the mainstream media works so we know what we can do to get ready for what they have planned for us.

Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

The Washington Standard

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