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MSNBC Host: Trump Provides Cover For White Supremacists – Ignores Obama’s Cover For Black Supremacists

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You really have to love the lamestream enemedia.  These organizations are great sources for abundant laughter.  Not only do they rabidly regurgitate propaganda, no one in these outlets care if their information is accurate or not, hypocritical or not, and/or projections of Democratic traits onto Republicans, conservatives, Christians, constitutionalists, independents, libertarians or any individual outside the clique.

Moreover, anything involving Trump is up for fabrication.

For example – Breitbart News reported that host of MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House,” Nicolle Wallace, claimed Trump provided “cover” for white nationalists and racists while holding the office of the president.

Here is the exchange between Wallace, Joy Reid and Evan McMullin.

Joy Reid said, “I think Charlottesville crystallized what the core complaint about Donald Trump has been throughout his public life, which is that he brings forward blatantly bigoted views and that he has a soft spot for people like those tiki torch marchers—that he does see some redeeming quality in white nationalism.”

She continued “He is unabashedly white nationalist in his sensibility. And that’s where he still stands even now. I think not since Woodrow Wilson have we had a president that had that embrace of that kind of  white supremacist attitude and not be embarrassed about it.”

Wallace said, “George W. Bush stayed really quiet during the eight years of the Obama presidency because he’d been in the office and didn’t think it was helpful for the office of the presidency to have any of your predecessors out there offering commentary. What really surprised me, he made a very pointed speech with a direct rebuke of Trumpism, if not Donald Trump, and one of the most memorable lines—you and I were on the air together that day, Rev— is that bigotry has been emboldened. And I wonder why more Republicans won’t speak out about—we don’t need to debate whether Donald Trump is a racist because the results speak for themselves. white nationalists, racists, think they have some cover while he’s president.”

Evan McMullin said, “Yes, they absolutely do, and, you know, the reasons why Republicans don’t more often talk about equality and advocate for equality, as I believe they should, as I would hope that they should, is because that word has become politically loaded for reasons that it’s not—it’s not justifiable. We don’t have time to talk about it.”

He continued, “There are debates about what that word means, sadly, partisan debates. But they have—what they’ve done is they’ve caused the Republican party to drift away of what its core meaning is that all of us all men and women, despite—regardless of our color, gender, any of that, we are all created equal. Our country was founded about that premise, although imperfectly applied for some time, still imperfectly applied. But Republicans have stopped fighting for equality in America for a while. That has allowed this white supremacist base to become more emboldened over time. Certainly, right now it is. And so it becomes very difficult for Republicans, even if they are centrist Republicans, to even speak about that issue because they are unwilling to—they are unwilling to fight for it. the future of the party, if it is to have a future, must be one in which Republicans say we’ll fight for equality as much as we say we’re fighting for liberty.”

Wallace added, “I actually think Donald Trump makes it very easy to be for equality because the other choice is to bolster, to support, to give safe harbor to what George Bush describes as an emboldened bigotry.”

If you don’t recall who Evan McMullin is, he ran for president in the 2016 election cycle as an independent.

McMullin has become an outspoken Trump critic since the election.

He appears to jump on the MSNBC host’s bandwagon to label Trump a supporter of “white supremacy” and racism claiming Republicans refuse to speak out about equality and refuse to “fight for it.”  But, I digress.

Joy Reid called individuals in Charlottesville, Virginia, who turned out to peacefully protest the destruction of monuments commemorating the “War to Enslave the States,” as “tiki torch marchers” for which Donald Trump has a “soft spot.”

She then went on to declare Trump possesses a “white supremacist” attitude comparable to Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, refusing to show shame over his attitude.  Hilarious!

Reid actually implied Democrat Woodrow Wilson was an unabashed white nationalist with an unapologetic white supremacist attitude.

So, this leftist, liberal, silicone Barbie admits the sordid past of the Democratic Party while projecting that mindset and attitude upon Donald Trump, without providing any type of evidence.  Typical.

Wallace chimed in with acknowledging that during the Obama era, former president George W. Bush refrained from comment or criticism, citing Bush’s thoughts that it “was not helpful.”

Yet, she acted surprised that Bush, steeped in Republican establishmentism, would step out to criticize Trump.

She didn’t even acknowledge the characterization of Woodrow Wilson by Reid.

Instead, Wallace jumped to repeat Bush claiming “bigotry has been emboldened” under the Trump presidency.

Wallace declared Trump a racist who provides cover for white nationalists and racists.

Never in the history of this republic has there been a president more racist and bigoted than Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah.

He didn’t hide it nor did he appear embarrassed or apologetic for his attitude of hatred of anyone American, white, and successful.

Moreover, Hussein Soetoro has not missed an opportunity to agitate the low information citizen and those who live off the government theft of others by perpetuating lies and engaging in projection.

But, these lamestream enemedia tools claim it is Trump who is racist, bigoted and promoting division among the people while providing no evidence to support the claim.

In formulating a solution, these “tools” want to advocate for equality.  Woo Hoo!  Many American citizens can get behind equality.  But, these three really don’t believe in equality nor advocate for it – they advocate for “social justice” equality.

Being equal means everyone has freedom of speech.

Yet, these individuals would deny those they label as “white supremacists” not worthy of such.

It’s acceptable for black individuals to possess an attitude of “black supremacy” and racism, then engage in criminal activity under false narratives while spouting vile vitriol.

It’s not okay for individuals to exercise their freedom of speech when not a member of a “protected” class.

Being equal means having the law applied to everyone the same.

Yet, these individuals see no problem with the crimes committed by Hussein Soetoro while serving in the Oval Office excused or ignored by Congress, law enforcement, and the lamestream enemedia.

These “talking heads” and Silicone Barbies exonerate criminality by Hillary Clinton and a host of government officials;   yet, they support the Mueller “witch hunt” based on allegations contained in a dossier paid for by the Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Convention.

They proceed to try government officials they don’t like in the “court of public opinion” outside of the law, using propaganda and falsehoods, while spouting the ease to support equality because of Trump.

Yet, these lamestream enemedia fakes supported the inequality blatantly displayed during the Hussein Soetoro administration.  Hypocrites all!

Being equal means ditching “Affirmative Action.”

It means applying the same standards to everyone – no more “special treatment” in college entry criteria and employment for individuals of color.

Being equal means everyone has the freedom of association.

And, when operating a business, equal means deciding with whom one will do business.

It means that everyone should be required to show identification to vote – not support special treatment for anyone when voting.

To be equal means each individual stands on his or her own talents to pursue happiness – not support government theft of those who have more or better talents to redistribute wealth.

Equality means there is no protected classes of individuals or the uplifting of one class of individuals over another.

They then turn around and state a debate is taking place between both parties regarding the definition of “equality” because both parties politicized the word.  Evidently, no one knows about the dictionary;  its use or function.

These are supposedly educated individuals.

They condemn Republicans for ignoring the “fight” for equality while never mentioning the Democrats supporting “special interest” groups to the detriment of other citizens.

Democrats and Republicans are just different cheeks of the same backside when it comes to “equality.”

Neither party supports equality in speech, religion, press, or the law.  Both parties support what is best for their money backers and themselves – Damn the united States and its citizens.

It’s hilarious and sad at the same time.

These people either truly believe the tripe they are handing to the American public or they are peddling propaganda handed to them by the “Deep State.”

The former occupant of the Oval Office actually gave cover to racists and supremacists going so far as to support these groups when they committed crimes in Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore, Maryland.

Where is the outrage against Obama for “hate speech?”


But, when all else doesn’t add up, use Common Core math to blame Trump and Republicans.

Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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