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Murderous: FDA “Finalizing Paperwork” For Pfizer’s mRNA “Vaccine” Full Approval As Soon As Monday

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The Food and Drug Administration is working with Pfizer to “finalize the paperwork” needed to give their mRNA experimental gene therapy shot, falsely labeled a “vaccine” full approval.  Right now, people are being injected with a substance under emergency use authorization.

The Unites States regulator, at the commands of the masters, is expected to give full approval for Pfizer’s jab in the coming days, The New York Times and Politico reported on Friday, citing several “people familiar” with the agency’s planning. Though the FDA still has a “substantial amount of paperwork and negotiation with the company” to get through, it could give full approval as soon as Monday, The Times added. 

Full approval will embolden tyrants to mandate these shots as conditions of employment or to purchase food.  The ruling class has already said that they can’t exact tyranny and enslave the public on their own. They will need the help of businesses to ensure people comply with their commands.

The Ruling Class Urges Businesses To Mandate COVID Vaccines For Employment

Morgan Stanley Mandates COVID “Vaccine” For Employees To Return To Work in New York

Anyone not expecting this outcome (the full approval of these gene therapies) is delusional.  Ruling class medical tyrant, Dr. Anthony Fauci has already told us he’s confident the FDA will approve these shots and he’s working toward convincing the slaves they need a third one, or a “booster” to protect them from a virus that, if existed, wouldn’t need a 24/7 propaganda campaign to convince the public it exists.

This approval comes as the ruling class realized that all the fear-mongering hasn’t worked to “vaccinate” everyone in the United States.  While many have fallen for the obvious lie, they still need more to get this shot.

Health officials have voiced hopes that full approval for the Covid jabs could improve vaccination numbers in the US, which have been losing pace since hitting a peak in April. Recent polling by the Kaiser Family Foundation showed that more than 30% of respondents would be“more likely” to be vaccinated if the FDA authorized the shots, suggesting the move could indeed spur immunizations. -RT

Reports of the FDA’s plans come soon after the White House began promoting booster shots for all fully vaccinated adults, citing U.S. health agencies, which noted the immunizations are losing effectiveness over time, particularly against more infectious Delta mutation.

Unsurprising Alert: Biden Urges Fully “Vaccinated” To Get A Booster Shot

Pfizer Wants To Give Healthy Adults A COVID-19 Booster Shot

While the FDA hasn’t yet approved third doses for all healthy Americans yet, the agency did give the go-ahead for those with compromised immune systems, while Pfizer recently submitted its initial trial data for universal boosters.

We knew this was coming. It was done to get more people to willingly take these shots and that much is obvious.

Stay prepared. Stay alert. Stock up on food and water filtering and water storage supplies if you haven’t yet.  This just ramped up to a whole new level, and we have literally days before we see the mass propaganda to take these shots unleashed on the unsuspecting slaves of the U.S.

Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

The Washington Standard

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