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MUSLIM COP-SHOOTER Says He Did It “In the Name of Islam” But PHILLY MAYOR SAYS NO, “Does Not Represent” Islam

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As if on cue …..

In my initial report on this story, I asked how long before “the Philadelphia Mayor will respond will concern about islamofauxbia and the other favored fairy tale — ‘fear of reprisals?'”

The answer? Minutes. And it’s worse. The shooter said he did it for Islam. The Mayor says, no he didn’t. You can’t make this stuff up. His cop is shot in the name of Islam and the Mayor’s knee-jerk reaction is to protect Islam, not the cop.

The Mayor said, “It has nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Islamic faith.” But the jihadi said he did it for Islam. How much is the Mayor getting paid from our enemies? How much jihad money financed his campaign? 

He should be investigated at once. His job is to protect and defend the good people of his city. A cop is shot at 13 times in the cause of Islam and the Mayor is stumping and proselytizing for the very ideology behind the intended slaughter?

“Philly Mayor: Islamic State Cop Shooter ‘Does Not Represent’ Islam,” By Breibart News, January 8, 2016:

The Muslim man who said Islam motivated him to shoot a police officer does not represent the teachings of Islam, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney stated in a press conference on Friday afternoon, following an attempted execution by a man who had reportedly pledged to the Islamic State.

A 33-year-old Philadelphia policeman, Jesse Hartnett, was ambushed late Thursday when Edward Archer, a Muslim man, reportedly tried to execute him while he was sitting in his police vehicle. Images from the incident show a man dressed in Muslim attire firing off a reported 13 rounds at officer Hartnett. The police officer was hit three times, but did not suffer life threatening injuries and is expected to recover fully, reports said.




According to Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross, the suspect said he had committed the attempted execution in the name of the Islamic State, the jihadi terrorist insurgent group that controls territory in the Middle East.

“According to him [the shooter], police bend laws that are contrary to the teachings of the Quran,” said Commissioner Ross.

He began by expressing his well-wishes for the officer who the Muslim man attempted to execute, but then spent the latter part of his statement distancing Islam from the shooter, who claimed he was carrying out the shooting for Islam.

“In no way shape or form does anyone in this room believe that Islam or the teaching of Islam has anything to do with what you’ve seen on the screen,” said Mayor Kenney.

“That is abhorrent. It’s just terrible and it does not represent this religion [Islam] in any way shape or form or any of its teachings,” he added. “This is a criminal with a stolen gun who tried to kill one of our officers. It has nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Islamic faith.”


Kenney, a Catholic, received his bachelor’s degree from La Salle University, and it remains unclear where his religious expertise concerning Islam derives from.

While running for office, Kenney consistently reached out to the Muslim community for support.

In July, he signed a “pledge to combat bigotry” at the Al-Aqsa Islamic Society. The pledge was created by the Arab American Institute, an anti-Israel organization that seeks to promote Arab politicians for higher office. In signing the pledge, Kenney, agreed to combat criticism of Islam, and to “speak out” against ‘Islamophobia.’


Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books

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