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MUST WATCH: Eye-Witness Testimonies from DNC the Media Won’t Report [video]

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People aren’t hearing this story and it needs to be shared: Hillary Clinton and DNC staffers blocked Sanders delegates from getting to their designated areas at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Instead, they paid actors and “seat fillers” (not $15/hr.)– who were non-credentialed and who do not represent any voters– to literally take away seats from Sanders delegates.

Eva McFadden, representing Oregon’s 34th District’s more than 16,000 voters, recorded the scene at the convention and interviewed Sanders delegates. Sanders delegates’ seats were blocked or taken and white noise machines were placed above their sections to block their cheers. Hillary Clinton signs and t-shirts were given to actors who were instructed to stand in groups and block Sanders delegates from being seen or heard.

As the camera shows, throughout the convention hall, white signs are placed on seats in nearly every state’s area, from California, to Connecticut, Ohio, Oregon, Vermont, and Wyoming– before official seating began and before the delegates to whom these seats belong were even allowed to enter.

DNC staffers would not respond to Sanders delegates’ complaints. Neither would security.

One delegate from California’s 34th District 53, who represents over 200,000 voters, said “it’s happening everywhere.”

Delegates attending conventions are there to legally represent the voters of their states. Yet the electorates from states throughout the convention were completely ignored and disenfranchised. And the DNC isn’t even paying the seat filler $15/hr. that it demands businesses pay employees. The seat fillers and actors got $50 for roughly seven hours– with no bathroom breaks.

Article reposted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Bethany Blankley.

The Washington Standard

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