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Must Watch Video: The Collective Suicide of Europe via “Islamic Refugees”

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This is a must-watch video, only 19 minutes long, detailing live footage of the very real destruction of Europe by male Islamic “migrants” and “refugees.”

ISIS mocked the EU claiming how easy it was to enter European countries posing as “Syrian refugees.” Three days after this video was uploaded to YouTube, Islamic attacks killed 130 civilians and injured 352 more in Paris, alone.

But destruction happens without violent attacks like those of Paris.

In Greece, one woman says, “We are scared every day. They come in and they want to kill each other.” Crying, she pleads, “Someone has to protect us. They are in our houses. We are the victims here. Not them. We have to live like we used to before. We have to live our lives. They took it from us.”

But no one is. The migrants keep coming, and the citizens of Europe’s cries are ignored.

Somehow, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel thinks it’s cool to take a selfie with a migrant, instead of protecting her own people.

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com

The Washington Standard

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