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Nevada School Caves after Girl Threatens Lawsuit to Get Pro-Life Club

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Angelique Clark, a young student at West Career and Technical Academy in Nevada, has been fighting to start a pro-life club at the school. Now, the news has broken that the school is bowing to the threat of a lawsuit and has agreed that Clark does have the right to start such a club on campus.

The school clearly did not want to face a lawsuit in which they knew they would lose according to law and sent Clark a letter acknowledging that she could start a pro-life club in this year.

Casey Harper reports:

Clark told The Daily Caller News Foundation the ban on her club was unfair because the school already has a gay-straight alliance club, chess club, Bible club, anime club, and others but won’t allow her pro-life club. She has about 25 people who already want to join.

Clark teamed up with the religious liberty legal group, the Thomas More Society, and sued her school. Jocelyn Floyd, Thomas More Society associate counsel, said she was glad the school conceded because “there have been times when school districts will dig their heels in whether they have a strong case or not.”

“We certainly believe that the law is very strong in favor of our argument,” Floyd told TheDCNF. “We don’t see any legitimate arguments they could have made in court.”

As for Clark, well, she is thrilled at the news.

“I am so excited that I will finally be able to start a pro-life club at my high school,” she said in a statement. “I started with the idea to provide a safe place to educate my fellow students on the beauty of life at all stages, and I am very thankful to Students for Life of America and the Thomas More Society for helping me defend my rights so that students at my school can now gather for life.  I look forward to running the WCTA pro-life club with all the other students who have already signed up to be a voice for the voiceless and ignored—the preborn and the mothers who think abortion is their only choice.”

Again, America? See what happens when you stand up to tyranny? See what happens when you don’t back down and when you don’t play Marvin Milquetoast? You win the day. You get the victory and God is honored in the process because justice is upheld. Well done, Angelique… well done!

Tim Brown

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