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New Muslim Majority City Council Member in Michigan Issues Warning

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Last week, I reported about the first American city in history to elect a Muslim majority City Council. Well, it didn’t take long for the Islamic supremacist aggression and hostility to surface — did it? It never does. Always conflict and strife.

A cell phone video, taken moments after Muslims received the word that they took over the city council, has surfaced of one of the organizers of the Muslim city council effort saying, “Today we show the Polish and everybody else…” The town has a large but shrinking Polish community.

How ugly. How fast.

They won — are they incapable of being gracious? Don’t answer that. The message is clear: non-Muslims move or else.

Yet when the Muslims gained control of the city council last week, a local reporter, Will Jones, summarized how immigrants had “dramatically changed the face and culture of this community,” and said exultantly, “Now, the Hamtramck City Council is going to reflect that diversity.”

What’s diverse about a Muslim majority? Is there anything less diverse and more oppressive than Islamic law? What Muslim countries are diverse? Muslims won’t even let Jews pray at the most holy of Jewish sites. Muslim countries under the sharia subjugate their religious minorities.

This is not unexpected. I describe the Islamization process in my book Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.

Non-Muslims should remember the lessons of Tower Hamlets. This London borough elected a Muslim mayor, Lutfur Rahman, who was ultimately removed from office by a judge “who ruled he had ‘cynically perverted’ the solidarity of Bangladeshi voters and made repeated claims of racism to silence critics.” Expect the same in Hamtramck.

Cathie Lisinki-Gordon, a former councilmember and one of the candidates who lost her bid for the council last week, expressed surprise at Ibrahim Algahim’s supremacist language. “I’m shocked that he said that,” she exclaimed. “I’m a very good friend of his. I cannot believe that he would ever profile any select group. Especially when his community has felt ostracized and profiled for many years.”

Cathie Lisinski-Gordon is a perfect metaphor for the West and its approach to the Islamization of the West. Algahim’s community “felt ostracized and profiled for many years”? How? Here again we see the victim club at work, pounding on the psyche of the host nation. But once Muslims are in power, Islamic supremacism rules.

According to a recent poll, 58% of Muslims in the United States reject First Amendment criticism of Islam as a right. Forty-six percent want blasphemy punished, 12% want “blasphemers” killed.

Muslims are the only immigrant group that comes to Western countries with a ready-made model of society and government (sharia) that they believe to be superior to what we have here, and they work to institute it.

The taqiyya merchants went into spin overdrive in the wake of Ibrahim Algahim’s candid statement that “today we show the Polish and everybody else…” Their running dogs in the media were only too happy to go into full damage control, quoting Anam Miah, one of the Muslim city council members, who said this about the new Muslim majority: “I think that sends a message not only to Hamtramck but throughout the region that people want their representation in offices.” In other words, watch for more Muslim politicians and elected officials, and more aggressive and polarizing statements from them.

Another Muslim city council member, Abu Ahmed Musa, promised to be even-handed: “My concern is to give the people, everybody, equal opportunity and be fair for everybody.” In the same vein, one of the newly elected Muslim council members, Saad Almasmari, said: “We are going to represent everybody. We are going to serve everybody, Christians, Jewish, Muslims, everybody.”

Yet everywhere Muslims have held political power, non-Muslims have suffered – suffered loss of life, or property, income, social standing, or equal rights before the law. Nowhere in any majority-Muslim country today do non-Muslims enjoy full equality of rights with Muslims. Everyone assumes that the Muslims in the U.S. are different and don’t believe in the Islamic laws that lead to that discrimination, but there is no basis for that assumption: there is no American form of Islam that is different from the form that prevails in the rest of the world.

The Muslim city council of Hamtramck, Michigan has already gotten off to a confrontational, divisive start. Perhaps their first order of business will be rename the town Hamtramckistan. Does anyone who is genuinely informed about the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat really think that from here on out it is going to get better?

*Article by Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books

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