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New Polls Are Being Rigged for Hillary Up to 9 Points (Video)

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To quote one pollster specifically from The New York Times, Cliff Zukin said, “Election polling is in a near crisis, and we pollsters know.”

In the following video, you’ll learn that to no one’s surprise, recent polls coming out of the mainstream media the last few days have been a bit shady to say the least. Every major poll studied by the New York Times conveniently has Hillary ahead of Donald Trump by huge margins, despite such a high percentage of voters saying they could never trust Hillary. It seems polling companies are changing their formulas however they have to in order to show that Hillary is ahead. 

Breitbart reported: 

On Sunday’s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow, political strategist Pat Caddell outlined his charge that Reuters tampered with its own daily tracking poll to manufacture a sudden surge for Hillary Clinton.

“They not only changed their formula, to put Hillary ahead. They went back and changed the results, for a week of results where Trump was ahead, and then they turned those into Hillary leads,” said Caddell. “They also erased all the former polling off the site. They didn’t tweak their procedure – they cooked it.”

“Never in my life have I seen a news organization, and a supposedly reputable poll, do something so dishonest,” Caddell continued. “What they have done is, they decided the people who said, ‘oh, I’m never for someone’ – oh, those must be Hillary votes. They used to be Trump voters.”

“They made a switch, as much as nine points, in their results from the beginning of last week, the 25th and 26th. It is, beyond doubt, the most outrageous thing,” he declared, noting that results in three- and four-way polls that include independent candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein were also skewed.

“This is what the media is willing to do, to try to elect her,” Caddell said. “This poll is nothing but a part of a media offensive. In the 45 years since I was a child, in top-level presidential campaigns, I have never seen the media on such a jihad, and so involved in hiding facts, and not following up. This is a crisis of democracy, what the press is now doing.”

He noted that Hillary Clinton made “big news” on Fox News Sunday when she claimed the FBI found her responses to questions about her secret email server to be honest and consistent, when in fact FBI Director James Comey said the opposite, when he declined to refer charges against her to prosecutors.

“That is language from another planet,” Caddell declared. “This woman, to make that assertion after all the proven lies, should be a big story, but it will not be.” He also noted the contrast between how Donald Trump’s appearance on ABC News over the weekend was immediately followed by a round-table of commentators attacking him, but Fox News staged no such ambush of Clinton.

Caddell furthermore dismissed Trump’s ABC News interviewer George Stephanopoulos as “a former Democratic operative, a Clinton contributor, and an absolute fraud as a newsperson.”

Read the rest of the article here:


This is exactly what happens when a serial felon is permitted to run for President. Hillary Clinton belongs in prison. Unbeknownst to most people, in the immediate aftermath of the Orlando Shooting, “Captain Transparency” managed to do a fantastic job distracting the mainstream media, and keeping their attention focused on talk about stricter gun control laws just long enough to avoid the media catching on to the lawsuit being filed against Hillary for racketeering, which you’ll learn more about below. It wasn’t enough that Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC rigged the election so Bernie couldn’t win, Hillary had to commit MASSIVE voter fraud in as many as 11 states too, lest she may not have gotten the nomination. The story is covered in the video below starting around the 3:30 mark. 

The yardstick used by the US government to identify voter fraud in foreign elections is when there is a discrepancy of greater than 2% between election polls and exit polls. With Hillary and Bernie, there is strong indication of fraud in as many as 11 separate Democrat primaries in 11 states.

All the discrepancies favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, and in some cases the discrepancy was as high as almost 14%. The Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity is about to file a lawsuit alleging racketeering. They look at Edison Research Polling, the National Election Pool (NEP), electronic voting and mainstream media.


Finally, a group of citizens got together to see if they could put together a poll that actually reflected where the American people honestly stand at this stage of the election. According to Max Von Solow on Facebook, he and a group of his friends met to conduct a “real” presidential poll because they felt they could not get factual information from the mainstream media polls. Go figure, right!?!?  Does this look like the convention of someone who has the support of the country?

Max says that the people conducting the poll were all friends of his, all graduate students, and from various walks of life. He says the group meets regularly anyway to discuss various things going on in the news, and within the group, he says 13 of the members have served in or support the military. 


“We have just completed our own poll since we  we called 1000 homes in each of the 50 states and asked basic questions on the economy, terrorism, immigration and who a person’s presidential pick was. The economy was the number one factor that Americans are concerned about and terrorism was number two. Our poll consisted of 1000 calls per state, to all 50 states, or 50,000 people total included in this poll.”

It took us most of two weeks to be sure our calls were to all people, and not just one party or an other. Our poll was conducted by taking registered voter lists and we broke them down into 33% Republican, 33% Democrats and 34% Independent. The Presidential Race Poll numbers broke down as follows with Trump ahead by a LARGE percentage:

Trump 33478 Votes OR 67% 

Clinton 9788 Votes OR 19% 

Undecided or other 6739 Votes OR 13%

This statement comes from Max’s Facebook page and can be found here:

Article posted with permission from The Last Great Stand

The Washington Standard

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