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New York: Muslim Who Brutally Beat Jewish Man Released On Bail

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The first disgrace was that he was not charged with a hate crime. Now a new disgrace on top of that: to release him on bail after the gratuitousness and brutality of this crime amounts to wagging a finger in Afzal’s face and warning him not to do it again.

Does Judge Ruchie Freier want to be careful not to show favoritism?

Perhaps, but once again we see justice miscarried in connection with an act of jihad violence.

Freier might as well have announced that Afzal was “mentally ill” and released him outright.

“Hasidic US judge releases NY Muslim who attacked Jew,” by Tzvi Lev, Arutz Sheva, October 18, 2018:

The first-ever female hasidic justice in the United States freed 37-year-old cab driver Farrukh Afzal for attacking an observant Jew earlier this week in Brooklyn.

Judge Ruchie Freier ordered Afzal freed on a $15,000 bail. Afzal faces charges of assault, criminal mischief and harassment. Afzal will not be charged with a hate crime.

Afzal reportedly attacked the victim, identified as Rabbi Lipa Schwartz, 62, because he thought he was an Orthodox Jewish man who had stepped in front of his car earlier in the day. Video footage shows Afzal pulling Schwartz into the street and savagely beating him.

Afzal was arrested soon after the assault. After his identity was published, he was fired from his job at Church Avenue Car Service.

During the assault, Afzal reportedly yelled “Allah, Allah” while he dragged Schwartz.

“He came out from the car. I couldn’t explain to you how angry he was. He was screaming the whole time,” Schwartz recounted to CBS2.

“All of a sudden… boof, boof, boof, boof!”, Schwartz continued. “So I start to fight back because it’s either death or life.”

Following the attack, Schwartz was evacuated to Maimonides Medical Center and was treated for minor injuries….

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

The Washington Standard

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