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Nonprofits Violate IRS Rules to Wage a Legal War for Illegal Aliens

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America doesn’t just need a wall on the border, we need a wall in our tax code.

Three of the migrants who were flown in by Gov. DeSantis to Martha’s Vineyard filed a lawsuit against the Florida governor claiming that they were somehow lured to the sanctuary island.

The lawsuit is completely baseless since the “false promises and false representations” that the migrants would get “employment, housing, educational opportunities” were actually copied by Florida from a brochure put out by the Massachusetts Office for Refugees and Immigrants.

It’s Massachusetts and the elites of Martha’s Vineyard who refused to honor their promises.

The lawyers representing the migrants, Yanet Doe, Pablo Doe, and Jesus Doe, are from the Boston chapter of Lawyers for Civil Rights. The national organization was created at the behest of JFK and RFK and funded by the Ford Foundation making it an obviously partisan group. Despite its partisan agenda, it functions as a 501(c)(3). As do many other leftist lawfare groups.

Internal Radical Service by David Horowitz and John Perazzo discusses how nonprofits are defrauding “taxpayers into subsidizing an illegal invasion of the United States” because “of the collusion of the White House and the I.R.S. in supporting this subversion of the American immigration system.” The pamphlet reveals how the tax code has become corrupted with  nonprofits facilitating the invasion every step of the way. Including through immigration lawfare.

Lawyers for Civil Rights represents the migrants and Alianza Americas, a “migrant-led” group which has received millions from George Soros. Alianza also operates as a 501(c)(3) despite not only lobbying for illegal aliens, but repeatedly engaging in political advocacy, including denouncing Trump and Republicans, and cheering Biden and Democrat victories.

Soros’ Open Society Policy Center, a 501(c)(4), provided $150,000 in funding in 2020 to Alianza to “support policy advocacy on immigration”. Soros, a top Democrat donor who allegedly immigrated to this country under false pretenses, is a major funder of illegal alien activist groups. One of the projects funded by Soros is “Notifica – Deportation Defense”, a smartphone app that alerts lawyers of illegals. Unlike conservative free speech apps, Apple has not removed Notifica from its app store. Also funding it was the Justice Department.

The organizations behind it, United We Dream and National Immigration Law Center, are C3s.

As discussed in the Freedom Center’s new pamphletInternal Radical Service, tax regulations specifically state that “exempt purposes may generally be equated with the public good, and violations of law are the antithesis of the public good”. They clearly lay out that, “violation of constitutionally valid laws is inconsistent with exemption under IRC 501(c)(3)” and that “planned activities that violate laws are not in furtherance of a charitable purpose”.

Promoting illegal migration is plainly the “antithesis of the public good” and a violation of basic border and national security. But C3’s remain major players in the illegal alien pipeline.

And some of the lawfare is coming from almost fantastically wealthy left-wing groups.

The ACLU, which appears to have assets approaching a billion dollars, has repeatedly filed lawsuits on behalf of illegal aliens and policies that maintain open borders. The Southern Poverty Law Center, whose endowment was recently estimated at over $700 million, has its Immigration Justice Project setup. And local litigation is further backed by gargantuan foundations like the Ford Foundation with assets of over $17 billion.

The sheer scale of immigration litigation is massive and much of it is carried on by non-profits like the American Immigration Council, a C3 founded by the Immigration Lawyers Association, the National Immigration Law Center, a C3, the Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project, a C3, and the National Immigration Justice Center from the Heartland Alliance, another C3 at whose shelters migrant children were allegedly forced to scrub toilets with their bare hands.

Heartland scored the “fourth-highest amount of federal dollars for housing” illegal minors and was first scrutinized after “an employee was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a minor”. Originally founded by Jane Addams, a co-founder of the ACLU and the NAACP, the Heartland Institute conducts refugee resettlement and works with migrants. The Institute brings in around $20 million a year and has been involved in multiple immigration lawsuits.

The Immigrant Defenders Law Center is a C3 as is the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, established by the Conference of Catholic Bishops, HIAS, formerly known as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society before dropping its Jewish identity, and the International Refugee Assistance Project which, along with its offices in Muslim countries, has a program to provide legal aid to open borders migrants invading the United States.

The National Lawyers Guild, which has an extensive Communist history, has its National Immigration Project. So do most leftist litigation-oriented non-profits like Democracy Forward, chaired by Clinton lawyer Marc Elias, a 501(4)(c), which interfaces with a number of immigration lawfare groups. Even the NAACP which sued the Trump administration over the end of the DACA program illegally legalizing illegal aliens, is in the immigration litigation racket.

There are also numerous local counterparts like the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project and specific demographic groups like Al Otro Lado and the Haitian Bridge Alliance beyond counting.

Many immigration lawfare nonprofits first received 501(c)(3) status in 2018 or 2019 indicating that the organization and deployment of these groups was closely connected to Trump taking office. But even under Biden, they continue to operate in order to facilitate the illegal alien invasion and the demographic transformation of the country into a leftist political fiefdom.

But immigration lawfare is no longer confined to conventional non-profits.

New York State has provided millions to fund the New York Immigrant Family Unity Project, California plunged $35 million into its Immigration Services Funding, and Nashville hijacked $1.8 million from federal relief funds to fund the Tennessee Immigration and Refugee Rights Coalition and Tennessee Justice For Our Neighbors.

Government funding of immigration lawfare is so widespread that the Vera Institute of Justice, co-founded by a Soros trustee, claims that there are “more than 50 publicly funded local and state deportation defense programs nationwide”.

Academic institutions, many of them nonprofits, have immigration lawfare built in like the Maryland Carey Law Immigration Clinic which embeds a deportation defense machine into the university’s law school, and the Immigration Justice Clinic at Cardozo Law School.

Law schools are becoming just another mobilization center for immigration lawfare on the U.S..

In The New Leviathan, David Horowitz first warned of a massive leftist network that has since become even vaster and also more specialized, branching out into very specific areas as part of a larger master plan for destroying America. Immigration lawfare now encompasses public-private partnerships between governments and nonprofits, universities and virtually every major leftist litigation and civil rights group in the country.

The millions of illegals invading America have their counterpart in the many millions of dollars being spent on the hundreds of groups that are doing everything from organizing caravans and flights, to cashing in on housing them to waging a ruthless legal war to protect the invasion.

Writing of the way that the IRS has allowed open borders nonprofits to operate, Horowitz and Perazzo conclude in Internal Radical Service that it’s impossible to read the tax code “without concluding that the Internal Revenue Service itself is not only derelict in its duty but has operated with criminal intent to violate its own statutes, indeed its own mission – and on a massive scale.”

The scale of the invasion is a testament to the scale of the leftist subversion of our government.

As Horowitz wrote in Internal Radical Service, “The I.R.S. is the patron saint of a movement to break America’s immigration laws.”

Illegal aliens not only invade our country, violating our borders and our laws, but they are the pawns of a vast network of leftist nonprofits who flout the “public good” and “violations of law” in the tax code, and then once here file lawsuits to rob taxpayers of even more money.

America doesn’t just need a wall on the border, we need a wall in our tax code to end criminal nonprofits who operate with the purpose of subverting our laws and destroying our nation.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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