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Not Even Police Were Told About This “Active Shooter” Drill…

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So secret that it’s for your safety…

It isn’t the first time that military, SWAT teams, FBI, police and Homeland Security officials have conducted large scale emergency exercises inside cities and frightened the locals.

Joint task force mock disasters, raids, and response teams now routinely takeover local areas in order to prepare for martial law and a thorough police state, and people are often riled by the sounds of explosions, gunshots, helicopters and teams of men in black uniforms.

But this time, even the local police weren’t told about the drill taking place – even though it was happening within their own department.

As NBC reported:

Bystanders didn’t take long to call police last month when they spotted a couple of suspicious men skulking around a New Jersey train station taking photos of security cameras. Port Authority cops turned on lights and sirens and rushed to the scene in hour traffic.

But when they got there, the officers were shocked to find that the emergency they had rushed to was only a test. The suspicious men? Port Authority’s own security analysts.

According to an incident report obtained by the I-Team, the two men said they were “testing the system.” But what made this test different than the regular drills practiced is that none of the officers in the police department — not even the supervisors — knew it was a test. According to president of the Port Authority police union, the consequences could have been deadly.


The Port Authority spokesman … said it is customary not to tell officers about active shooter drills in the terminals.

Port Authority police in New Jersey were startled to respond to calls that led to an active shooter training scenario that ultimately involved their own security team running a “test.”

This video breaks down the possible implications of this unannounced test – which may seem paranoid to some, but it likely a routine part of managing crises in the public eye.

Port Authority Accused By Law Enforcement For Intentionally Perpetrating A Hoax Terrorist Drill 

A “test” in order to keep the public “safe” from these and other threats.

But is it “safe” or is it just police state?

It seems even the police are questioning these eerie training scenarios which seem to foretell a future full of crisis events and greater government controls:

“It’s dangerous,” said Paul Nunziato, president of the Port Authority Police Benevolent Association. “What would this interview be right now if my guys hit somebody? What if some woman or a little child got killed?”

It’s not the only time Port Authority officials have conducted security drills that the police union says posed risks to their officers and the public. On the day of the recent terrorist attacks in Brussels, Port Authority conducted a nine-minute active shooter drill at JFK airport.

[Nunziato asked] “Would you scare the crap out of every person in that terminal with cops running in, lights and sirens, with heavy weapons, thinking something was going on.”

To make matters worse, history shows that many real life terror attacks took place during drills by government agencies, raising serious questions about the real motives and perpetrators behind some of the most well known events in recent history.

If the drill is that secret, what are they really hiding? And where is it that someone is planning to hit next?

Article reposted with permission from SHTF Plan. Article by Mac Slavo.

The Washington Standard

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