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Nurse Admits Infanticide Occurs Routinely For Babies Who Survive Abortion Because Mothers “Don’t Want Them”

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On Friday, I interviewed Dr. Matthew Clark of Personhood South Carolina regarding both the Church that is praying and protesting against human abortion while pursuing legislation that will criminalize both the act of the abortion doctor and the mother in the murder of the unborn.  However, in some cases, children who survive the abortion are murdered afterward because their mothers “don’t want them,” according to a former nurse and popular pro-life blogger.

Jill Stanek is an American anti-abortion activist and nurse from Illinois who is best known for saying “live birth abortions” were being performed at Christ Hospital in the Chicago suburb of Oak Lawn and the premature infants were being left to die in a utility room.  She was also the national campaign chair fo the Susan B. Anthony List.

In a recent report at Natural News, it was pointed out that Stanek children that survive abortions are routinely murdered due to the fact their mothers simply do not want them and don’t want to have to deal with them.

They can deny its existence all day long, but mainstream media pundits aren’t fooling anyone with their baseless claims that infanticide is some kind of myth invented by the “right.” In fact, the murder of newborn babies is much more common than most people probably think, as today’s “mothers” simply don’t want to have to deal with the new human life that they carelessly created.

According to Jill Stanek, a former nurse and popular pro-life blogger, infanticide happens all the time. Appearing on a recent episode of The Van Maren Show, Stanek relayed several horror stories about her personal experiences working in medicine in the state of Illinois, where she and others witnessed horrific baby-murder incidents on more than one occasion.

Stanek explained how Alison Baker, a fellow nurse who actually testified before Congress about infanticide, “inherited a patient one time who had just delivered a baby alive.” According to Stanek’s account of what happened, “the baby was in the soiled utility room because she (the mother who just gave birth) didn’t want anything to do with him.”

“And so Allison still had to care for two patients,” Stanek went on to explain. “And she would go into the mom’s room and the mom would say to her, ‘Is he dead yet?’”

Stanek revealed the details of another disturbing incident with a nurse she didn’t name who was “haunted” by a case involving a baby who was born at 23 weeks. A 23-week birth is considered “right on that line” of viability, Stanek explained, at least according to the medical knowledge that was accepted back in 1999.

“The mom wasn’t going to be able to complete her pregnancy to term,” Stanek revealed, adding that the doctor had given this mom the choice of whether she wanted to “try to hold on and we’ll give you medications to try and strengthen the baby’s lungs, give the baby a fighting chance, or do you just want to abort, just want to get it over with?”

The mom responded with, “I just wanted to abort,” even though there were visible signs that her infants was “perking up without any help.”

“Four specialists from the neonatal unit would have been sent over just specifically to care for this baby,” Stanek added – that is, if the mother had actually chosen to keep her. “The only people present at her delivery was my nurse friend and an OB/GYN resident,” and the child “was just kept in the department and wrapped for the two and a half hours that she lived.”

Of course, many of us are horrified at the thought of such barbarism and lack of compassion, but for millennia, men and women have sacrificed their children quite literally.

As Ethan Hunt pointed out earlier this year:

Anthropologists in the South American country of Peru recently stumbled upon the horrifying remains of what the media is now describing as the world’s largest mass sacrifice site.

Experts in the field apparently unearthed shocking evidence of mass graves where tribal cultures of old discarded the bodies of their sacrificial animals and children, whose hearts they grotesquely ripped out of these innocent beings’ bodies as a gesture of “appeasement” to the “gods” of this superstitious people group’s now-defunct religion.

According to the circulating narrative, the purpose of these ancient animal and human sacrifice events was to persuade the “gods” to put an end to extreme weather events like El Niño that were occurring at the time – the belief being that, if a steady supply of blood is sent to the gods as payment, then bad weather would cease.

It’s the type of mythical folklore that modern-day people would scoff at as just another textbook example of primitive barbarianism in action – something that’s long since been abandoned as a result of human enlightenment and “progress.” But has this type of violent human sacrifice as a conciliatory act of recompense to supposedly divine beings actually and truly ceased? Hardly.

Abortion, infanticide are just modern-day human sacrifice to appease the “gods” of unwanted pregnancy, overpopulation, climate change, and “reproductive rights.”

That’s exactly what it is.

While a woman does have a right to her own body, she does not have a right to murder the person inside her because that then is not her body.  In fact, the next time a pro-baby murderer speaks about her body, her choice, ask her whose body is beheaded, torn apart and tossed in a bucket or flushed down a toilet.  It certainly isn’t hers and everyone knows it.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

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