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Oakland Mayor Claims Crime Down Before Being Raided by FBI

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“Thank you for your support, Governor Newsom.”

Biden and state Dems keep using rigged statistics to try and convince Americans that crime is down and the economy is great. But not only isn’t crime down, but Democrat crime keeps hitting new highs.

Ten days before her home was raided by the FBI, Mayor Sheng Thao of Oakland responded to false claims by Gov. Newsom that crime was down in Oakland.

“Thank you for your support, Governor Newsom. Our collaborative work exemplifies good governance in action. With CHP surges, the redeployment of our foot patrols, and our revamped Ceasefire program, we are seeing a decrease in crime across the board in Oakland,” she tweeted.

Ten days later the FBI raided her home.

Just as the sun rose Thursday, FBI agents raided the home of Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao. There is no official word about the reason for the investigation, but sources tell the ABC7 I-Team it involves a political corruption case against the mayor and some of her supporters.

More than a dozen FBI agents emerged from Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao’s house after four hours inside. They carried boxes, plastic tubs and trash bags and left without comment. Witnesses heard a ruckus before 6 a.m.

Later, Mayor Thao’s partner and father of her two children, Andre Jones, emerged with a bag and refused to comment before he left.

Law enforcement sources tell ABC7 News this is a public corruption case, with the FBI, IRS and US Postal Service working together. Agents hit several locations, including the offices of California Waste Solutions – we spotted IRS investigators there.

The company was started by David and Victor Duong who were under investigation by the Public Ethics Commission for funneling money through “straw donors” to council members, a story first reported by Oaklandside in 2020.

Thao allegedly received some of that money. She also traveled with the Duong brothers who funded the trade mission to Vietnam last summer. All this, in a week with her recall being approved for a vote.

Good governance in action.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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