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Oakland Teachers’ Union Closes Schools to Demand “Reparations”

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Just 2 out 10 black and brown students in Oakland public schools can read at grade level.

e results would be any worse if they were replaced by wolves or ChatGPT.

…just 2 out 10 black and brown students in Oakland public schools can read at grade level.

Time to give them more money.

In its latest proposal, the district offered all teachers a pay increase of anywhere from 13% to 23%, depending on their years of experience.

How about determining pay increases based on whether their students can even calculate 23% of their salary?

In their “Common Good” demands, the teachers also demanded things including six “restorative days” to combat burnout, the first week of school to solely focus on fostering a positive school climate, reparations for black students, prohibiting the closure of certain schools, a voice on steering committees, providing climate-controled, green classrooms…

Fantastic. Let’s provide reparations to black students from the salaries of OEA members who have decided to cap their fine performance by closing schools yet again.

OEA members are obscenely demanding “reparations” for black students affected by the schools they closed.

And insisted on keeping closed.

OUSD’s reopening plan puts everyone at risk. Teachers are fighting back.

Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) schools are scheduled to resume classes on August 10, and Oakland teachers say that the district’s plan to reopen endangers the entire community. OUSD is proposing the year begin with four weeks of remote learning. After that, the district would decide week by week whether to return to in-person learning.

On July 9th, the Oakland Education Association (OEA), the union representing close to 3,000 educators in Oakland public schools, began bargaining with OUSD over what “Crisis Distance Learning” and a return to school buildings will look like.

“They’re making all these claims to the public about how schools will reopen,” says Kehinde Salter, a performing arts teacher at Fremont High School and member of the OEA, “but none of this has been bargained with us.”

While Trump pushes for schools to reopen in hopes of greasing the economy and improving his chances for reelection, a deadly virus rages through California and the nation. Teachers across the country are threatening to strike.

When asked whether a strike was on the table, Salter replied that nothing had been decided yet. “But are we willing to strike for student safety, if it comes to that? Yes.”

Student safety. Right, that’s what these monstrous despicable parasites are after. Having destroyed education by closing schools, they’re closing them yet again while claiming they’re doing it for the students.

Then after the strike is done, they’ll demand more “reparations” for the students they harmed.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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