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Oath Keepers Reportedly Attacked By Law Enforcement And Rioters

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As previously reported by Truth In Media in an exclusive interview with Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers helped Ferguson businesses from the arsonists and looters ransacking Ferguson, Missouri last November.

Oath Keepers are back in Ferguson and their presence has gained world-wide attention.

Oath Keepers is an organization focused on defending the Constitution and includes former police officers and ex-military. Members of Oath Keepers kept guard of four Ferguson businesses last year at the permission of the business owners.

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Truth In Media’s Joshua Cook spoke with Oath Keeper member Sam Andrews to dispel the myths about why Oath Keepers are in Ferguson. Andrews also shared with Cook troubling experiences regarding what is really happening between protesters, Oath Keepers and law enforcement entities, which has been ignored by the mainstream media.

The media is trying to portray Oath Keepers as a racist, all white group. This is not true, according to Andrews.

“We have people from all different races on our security team. We’re not racist and we wouldn’t tolerate anyone in our organization who is a racist. If we found out that someone was a racist we would kick them out of our organization. So that should dispel myth number one,” said Andrews.

“The second myth is that the police are doing the right thing. The truth of the matter is Chief Jon Belmar of St. Louis County Police has been breaking our state law, threatening to disarm people, and violating people’s rights. They’ve been breaking Missouri’s revised statute 44.101. I would encourage everyone to look up for themselves. It prevents the police or any government official from disarming anyone during a state of emergency. Yet Belmar continues to threaten to do that and continues to try to intimidate anyone who is armed,” said Andrews.

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“The third myth is that we are out in Ferguson to hurt people. And that’s the opposite of the truth. We are there to protect people. We’ve been guarding African-American people, Asian people, white people, people in mixed marriages, Korean people, Chinese people. It’s just ridiculous that the media continues to try and put forth this lie that we are racist and white supremacists. That’s not true at all,” said Andrews.

“We’re a cross-section of America. We’re made up of people of all races, all political persuasions,” said Andrews.

Andrews went on to explain how he’d been told by various area law enforcement agents including highway patrolmen, sergeants, lieutenants, captains that the Department of Justice gave direct orders to police officers to not arrest arsonists and looters.

While suspects of committing violence have avoided arrest, according to Andrews, innocent protesters have been attacked, as well as Oath Keepers and journalists.

“They fired rubber bullets, teargas, made threats to disarm us, tried to arrest us. Gave us an illegal order to disperse when no one’s breaking the law. They have broken so many laws with Department of Justice directives,” said Andrews.

Andrews told Cook that a St. Louis Post-Dispatch journalist was attacked, beaten and taken to a hospital Sunday evening. “That’s why we agreed to offer help,” said Andrews. Many journalists had no protection, according to Andrews, and the Oath Keepers assisted despite death threats from “radical organizations” as well as threats of arrest and disarmament by the St. Louis County police.

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Andrews said that the presence of the Oath Keepers has been well-received by the area community. However, Andrews explained that response from the highway patrol and St. Louis County Police to the presence of Oath Keepers has been negative, and he said that they had lied to the protesters by spreading false claims that the Oath Keepers were members of the KKK. Andrews told Cook that the Oath Keepers received several death threats throughout Tuesday.

Cook asked Andrews what he would say to the protesters in Ferguson.

“The first thing I would say is ‘Black Lives Matter.’ The second thing I would say is that the Oath Keepers are there to protect your rights. We care about you, regardless of all the lies that the media and some other instigators have tried to propagate. Black lives matter, we care about you, we love you and we are there to protect you,” said Andrew.

“We love the people of Ferguson and they deserve to be protected and the St. Louis County police is not doing the job.”

Listen to the exclusive interview with Sam Andrews from Oath Keepers:

*Article by Joshua Cook & Annabelle Bamforth

The Washington Standard

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