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Obama Admin Cloaking “Mad Science” Behind DARPA Research Program

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On October 9, tech geek online magazine CNET published a piece entitled “DARPA seeks to treat bodies with light, electricity, sound and magnets,” which details how the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is seeking to “heal by treating the body like the electrical system it is.”

DARPA is a unit within the U.S. Department of Defense, and its initiative, Electrical Prescriptions (ElectRx) is eagerly poised to examine how some of the more esoteric, state-of-the-art technologies (light, sound waves, magnets) might “help soldiers heal.”

And if you believe that, I’m sure you won’t mind if I examine your Social Security Card, debit card PINs, computer passwords, and your car keys.

For the record, this isn’t about showcasing the monumental naïveté of CNET columnist Michael Franco, because the science is interesting. However, given the atrocious treatment our soldiers have gotten from the Pentagon, the Veteran’s Administration, and the Department of Veterans Affairs in recent years, coupled with the wholesale weaponization of so many federal agencies against the American people by the Obama administration, there is no reason any rational individual would react with Franco’s excitement (rather than dread) over such a development.

Last Monday, DARPA announced that it will be awarding grants to seven research teams tasked with “mapping and treating the body’s electrical systems.”

ElectRx program manager Doug Weber (a biomedical engineer who used to work as a researcher for the corrupt, scandalized, and horribly ineffectual Department of Veterans Affairs) said in a statement that the human peripheral nervous system will be the target of much of this study, because it conveys “a vast array of sensory and motor signals that monitor our health status and effect changes in brain and organ functions to keep us healthy.”

“We envision technology that can detect the onset of disease and react automatically to restore health by stimulating peripheral nerves to modulate functions in the brain, spinal cord and internal organs,” Weber said.

In the movies, Doug Weber is the guy whose body the military leaves bullet-riddled and bloody on his laboratory floor after he discovers what all of this research is really about, responds with outrage and indignation, and threatens to go to the press.

Obviously a lot of this science could be put to good use – helping soldiers heal, passing on discoveries to the civilian medical community, and so forth. But given the scandalous treatment our soldiers and veterans have received lately, and the reticence the government has displayed in honoring its commitment to them even under the best circumstances, do you really think our soldiers’ welfare is topmost in the minds of those who are doling out these grants? Of course not.

Some of the studies that ElectRx has lined up include:

  • Stimulation of peripheral nerves to modulate functions in the brain, spinal cord and internal organs
  • Examining how using pulses of light affect reactions involved in pain
  • Employing magnetic nanoparticles to heat neurons (nerve cells)
  • Examining how ultrasound stimulates neurons
  • Examining how stimulating the vagus nerve (which is wired directly into your heart) might “enhance learned behavioral responses that reduce fear and anxiety when presented with traumatic cues”
  • focus on and help treat post-traumatic stress syndrome

All of which is calculated to lead to the development of “a complete system that can be tested in human clinical trials aimed at conditions such as chronic pain, inflammatory disease, post-traumatic stress and other illnesses that may not be responsive to traditional treatments,” according to DARPA.

Now – having accomplished all of this wonderful stuff, in light of the aforementioned wholesale weaponization of federal agencies against the American people, confirmed covert harassment, imprisonment of government whistleblowers, demonization of members of the military, and evidence of covert psychological operations conducted against American civilians, do you think for one second that any offensive capabilities developed as a result of this research are going to be deployed against ISIS or other enemy combatants in the battlefield?

No – they will be used by the government (more especially if we wind up with another globalist or radical communist administration) to further the dissolution of the Republic and the enslavement of the American people.

*Article by Erik Rush

The Washington Standard

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