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Obama Administration says 10,000 Refugees Is The Minimum

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When it was first announced the administration intended to resettle 10,000 refugees, this was alarming. People began to ask, how is it possible that these people could be properly vetted? How would it be possible to ensure that we were not allowing in terrorists?

Now, we have hit the 8,500 mark, and we are not even close to slowing down. This is because, we were not going to take up to 10,000, but at least 10,000.

The Washington Times reports:

Administration officials said Friday that the 10,000 Syrian refugees President Obama wants to welcome this fiscal year is a floor, not a ceiling, and they can go even higher than that total.

“We can now say that we’ve welcomed 8,000 Syrian refugees so far this year and we are very confident we will welcome at least 10,000,” Assistant Secretary of State Anne C. Richard told reporters in updating the flow.

At today’s pace, more than 12,000 refugees could be admitted by the end of September, which marks the end of the fiscal year.

The administration has pushed this program on the cities and states that they chose to transplant these families. It now seems that they will be pushing even more than expected on these communities.

And now, even after FBI Director James Comey has pointed out critical shortcomings in our ability to vet the refugees. We are limited to the information we have on foreign nationals. Meaning, that if they have not already been caught or suspected of terror connections, we will not know they are until it is too late.

So, instead of slowing the process down in the face of Europe being on fire, we are speeding up? It seems that there is no hope for this administration.

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Michael Ware.

The Washington Standard

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