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Obama Ignores Senate – Promises Paris Climate Deal will be Ratified

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Obama has the knack of completely ignoring the Second Branch of the U.S. government.  While most in both the House and Senate have said they have no plans of ratifying the Paris Climate Change Agreement, Obama continues to sale the fact that America is on board.

As I reported, the President is in China where it was reported that he would announce America’s acceptance of the agreement.  Now he has.

The Guardian reports:

The United States and China, the world’s biggest emitters of greenhouse gasses, have announced they will formally ratify the Paris climate change agreement in a move campaigners immediately hailed as a significant advance in the battle against global warming.

Speaking on Saturday, on the eve of the G20 summit in Hangzhou, US president, Barack Obama, confirmed the long-awaited move, the result of weeks of intense negotiations by Chinese and American officials.

Now, of course, this is not the President speaking this into existence, which he cannot do.  The Constitution does not allow the Executive Branch to make law or accept treaties.  But this President has a way of getting what he wants despite overwhelming opposition.

If this is formally signed, and we are tied to this agreement, we might as well kiss our sovereignty status good-by.

The Guardian continues:

If the Paris agreement comes into force this year as hoped, it means the nearly 200 governments party to it will become obliged to meet emissions-cutting pledges made before the deal last December. For example, the EU has a “national determined contribution” of cutting emissions 40% by 2030 on 1990 levels, and the US by up to 28% by 2025 compared with 2005.

The deal coming into force would also commit the countries to aspire to keep temperatures below 1.5C above pre-industrial levels – a tall ask and one that will require those country pledges to be ramped up – and for rich countries to continue giving climate aid to poorer countries beyond 2020.

How exactly can a country keep the temperature down?  If they could accomplish this, they would not have to have this stupid agreement.  And while it has never definitively been proved that global warming is a real thing, they continue to operate as if it was a fact.  And worse, they pretend that they know the cause and how to slow it down.

I once again provide a video that shows that this is either bad science or a nefarious hoax.

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Michael Ware.

The Washington Standard

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