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Obama Vomit Inducing Statement to Police Chiefs Association: I Reject Any Narrative that Seeks to Divide Police & Communities

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Speaking only for myself, but sure others feels the same, I absolutely cringe anytime I listen to Obama give a speech on TV or watch a video of a speech Obama made I missed. Knowing that this man will deliver lie after lie and skew data to support his “agenda” produces an almost gag/puke reflex coupled with frustration that I can’t puke on his shoes. When hearing thunderous applause from his “live” audience after delivering a paragraph of lies and deception, I keep wondering what is wrong with people. Hearing alphabet news agency pundits claim “respect for the office of the presidency” should be visible at all times — it’s disrespectful not to applaud when he makes a point or at the conclusion of his speech. I call bull manure.

Why would you clap for a pack of lies and deception delivered by a man intending to trample your individual God-given rights sitting in the Oval Office? Why would you clap for a president who is multi-faced, saying one thing then doing the opposite, and speaking in a condescending tone at times when he doesn’t get what he wants? I would not and don’t; but, police chiefs do.

Speaking at the 122nd International Association of Police Chiefs in Chicago, IL on Tuesday, Obama said, “So I want to be as clear as I can be. I reject any narrative that seeks to divide the police and the communities they serve.”

It took a second or two for the group of police chiefs to applaud. Why did they applaud this man who has done everything he could to divide the police and communities by taking the side of criminals and groups like “Black Lives Matter?” He is the main one issuing the narrative! Obama had his “law dog” Eric Holder jump on the Wilson/Brown shooting in Ferguson, MO, that started this whole “Black Lies Matter” garbage movement. He pushed the false narrative with the “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture.

Before the “Black Lies Matter” movement, Obama inserted himself in the Zimmerman/Martin shooting claiming, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” Going still further back, Obama blistered the police when they questioned a professor during a response to a call to his home. Yet, these police chiefs clapped for the Liar-in-Chief and the community organizer who divides everyone along every line possible.

He went on to say that he rejected the storyline of an “us and them” when it comes to public safety. Then, he threw the media under the bus declaring it to be a narrative “served up to us by news stations seeking ratings, tweets seeking re-tweets ….” It didn’t stop there as he included “political candidates seeking attention” in the mix, using a condescending tone when he declared, “I know that’s shocking when political candidates do that.”

Obama declared that crime was down due to the efforts of police, which every American should be proud. However, this is in conflict with what FBI Director James Comey stated. Comey declared crime “was on the rise” due to citizens recording police encounters, claiming police felt “under siege,” “taunted by young men with cell phones,” “doing their duties as police put them at risk of being accused of a crime,” and didn’t “feel like getting out of their cars” under such circumstances. Of course, there is no data to substantiate Comey’s claim. However, Comey also claimed to talk with unidentified “police leaders and police officers,” during his speech given in all places of Chicago, IL. Both statements cannot be true. So, which one is it?

After this praise of police departments, Obama went into overdrive to bring up having “serious and robust” debates over fairness in law enforcement and over our criminal justice system when it comes to “communities of color.”

It was difficult to watch Obama say to these chiefs that he has talked to multiple “chiefs and beat cops” about the minority communities. What was a defining upchuck moment was Obama declaring minority communities want more police not less. The Obama administration gives the police department the shaft when an incident occurs between a police officer and a minority individual, particularly when the officer is white and the minority individual is black. And, some minority communities resent the presence of police.

How can these officers sit through this with a straight face much less without a barf bag?

Obama stating factual data, as he did after his “minority community” mention, is like Lucy letting Charlie Brown kick that football.

As anyone can predict, Obama brought up “gun violence” and the spike in crime in some cities. Yes, it is difficult to keep up with the plethora of conflicting comments. If you’re like me, you have a tendency to tune the man out after listening to his insincerity and pack of lies.

Obama stated that overall, across the nation, crime was down as well as the number of police shot in the line of duty. The group of chiefs applauded when Obama said that one victim of crime was one too many, as well as one officer being shot and killed was one too many.

He continued about how he talked to many families of the fallen, claiming to have spoken to one before speaking. The way he shifted his eyes after that comment might suggest it was a false statement. Among the many false statements is Obama claiming he lives on the South side of Chicago near a minority community where shootings take place. When did the White House get relocated to the South side of Chicago? After he leaves office, does anyone believe he will go back to Chicago, leaving a seaside multi-million dollar home empty in Hawaii?

Granted, he may have lived on the South side of Chicago seven years ago, but he doesn’t live there now.

As he stuck his tongue in his cheek and shifted his jaw multiple times, it was all I could do to keep from yelling, “liar, liar, pants on fire.” All of this was leading up to this one little mini speech on “gun control.” Obama declared several times, “it is easier for a lot of young people in this city and [communities around the country] to buy a gun than it is to buy a book.” What a crock of bull manure!

Of course, he suggested that “common sense gun safety reforms” would be a starting point to make officers’ jobs easier. Notice now how “common sense gun control legislation” has shifted to become “common sense gun safety reform?” It’s a play on words to cover the ruse of gun control leading to registration and confiscation. He also claimed it was easier to find a gun than it is to find fresh vegetables. Again, I call bull manure.

He told the police chiefs that more guns on the street doesn’t make communities or the police any safer. Another lie that has been proven by “data” and not “anecdotal stories” as claimed by Obama, who claimed to be speaking with groups of people from different backgrounds on these problems. Again, that tongue in cheek, jaw movement maneuver. The real kicker came when Obama blamed Chicago’s skyrocket crime increase on less gun control in other states and not Chicago’s strict gun control laws.

Let’s repeat that so it sinks in — Obama blamed Chicago’s skyrocket crime increase on less gun control in other states and not Chicago’s strict gun control laws.

Obama, the quintessential mythomaniac, claimed, “it was too easy for criminals to buy guns.” Criminals do not purchase their gun legitimately — they obtain their guns through illegal means. Law-abiding citizens purchase their firearms legitimately. More than likely, Obama was referring to the shootings at an Oregon community college and Virginia where the perpetrator legally obtained a firearm. But, with a little spin of Obama-ese, those who buy guns are now criminals. See how that works?

He attacked “military-style assault weapons” for people in cities, as a weapon of that nature is not required to “hunt a deer.” What Obama refers to is properly termed a semi-automatic rifle, regardless of how it is “designed” to look. However, individuals who know very little about firearms and left liberal wing nuts will nod in agreement how awful those nasty military style weapons are, urging for their removal from society.

Throughout the entire lame tongue-in-cheek, jaw shifting, lie-filled speech, Obama continually referenced all the places he visited, speaking with average people. He did go to a prison in Okalahoma and met with six inmates. Six inmates in one prison compared to the number of federal prisons and inmates is hardly representative of anything. As for the other claims, I’m surprised he can get off the golf course long enough after “campaigning” rock-star style to take care of “presidential” business much less “be a man of the people” to mingle amongst the peasants.

These police chiefs clapped intermittently for Obama’s push to institute control as Obama claimed that police officers don’t know when they encounter someone if they are armed. They clapped when Obama stated Americans don’t need “military style assault weapons” — meaning semi-automatic rifles. Remember, these police chiefs are from cities and towns across America and elsewhere. They are not “constitutionally” created, like Sheriffs, and not required to uphold the Constitution. With all the clapping for marginal facts and outright lies, America knows where its police chiefs stand — against the Second Amendment, for gun control and banning of firearms misnamed to serve an agenda. If they are not, why clap for a pack of bull manure distributed by a man who wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him in the face, especially when he claimed he was not out to trample the Second Amendment? Respect? Courtesy?

Any gun control law, edict, decree or fiat rule is a violation of the Second Amendment. Any individual occupying the Oval Office who tramples the Constitution, lies, commits treason, and destroys individual God-given rights guaranteed by the Constitution deserves neither respect nor applause for his measures to continue to remove rights. Therefore, lying, treasonous, criminal, Constitution-trampling Obama is undeserving of respect or applause. It’s a shame to see people so easily manipulated for “appearances’ sake.” Not only was Obama’s rhetoric puke worthy, so was the response.

*Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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