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Obamacare Premiums Rising. Republicans Call for Measures to Control It While Ignoring Continued Unconstitutionality

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Time and again, both chambers of Congress miss the major point that is the biggest contention of Obamacare – it is unconstitutional. Yet, Republicans keep lambasting the administration about increased premiums since the unconstitutional [Un]Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, was implemented. Instead of taking the bull by the horns and repealing this piece of unconstitutional legislation that no Republican voted to enact, these blinder wearing tools of government called for major changes to Obamacare in Tuesday’s House Committee Ways and Means hearing.

The Daily Caller reports:

Citing the large number of insurers proposing double-digit increases – partially due to lower enrollment than expected and cost higher than were initially projected – a reduction in coverage options and the majority of the Obamacare exchanges closing, members on the panel said the bill has been a failure “failing ahead of schedule.”

“Estimates show that increases in 2017 could be double what we see this year and, in several states, these costs could spike by more than 50 percent with no end in sight. A 50 percent increase is outrageous,” Chairman Kevin Brady of Texas said in his opening statement. “Americans simply cannot afford to pay 50 percent more for their premiums.”

According to Joel White, the president of the Council for Affordable Health Coverage, the cost to income ratio is going to become unsustainable if policy stays as it is.

Wasn’t this exact scenario predicted by many in the alternative news media and those who actually read the entire piece of legislation?

The Constitution provides no authority to the Senate and/or House or other branch of government to regulate, control or administer any type of health care or health care insurance.. period, end of story. So, why is the talk in both chambers still centered around “making major changes” instead of totally repealing this atrocity?

White, in his written testimony before Congress, said, “CAHC is concerned health costs are too high and rising too fast. In fact, costs continue to rise faster than the economy, while premiums are increasing about three times faster than wages. As a result, by 2030 the typical family will spend more than 50 percent of their income on health care.”

Not surprisingly, Democrats accused Republicans of continuing to attack Obamacare while ignoring that more Americans now have health care insurance under Obamacare than before the ACA. But, health care insurance does not guarantee access to care nor does it guarantee payment for services.

Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Texas, a Democrat, believes several factors are in play causing increases in premiums.

“One of the major factors is the failure of this House and this Congress to do anything but engage in obstructionist tactics concerning the Affordable Care Act,” he said. “Whenever there is the discussion of the slightest improvement, ‘how can we make the Affordable Care Act more efficient, how can we make it more fair, how can it be better?’ There is nothing but repeal, repeal, repeal.”

On the other hand, Doggett contends this administration is more interested in defending the bill from “repeal” Republicans than fixing policy areas of the bill that could stand improvement. In other words, Democrats hurriedly passed a “lame duck” unconstitutional bill riddled with problems, refuse to acknowledge their failure and usurpation of authority in totality, and work to protect the “legacy” of criminality of this administration.

Weighing in for Republicans, Rep. Jim Renacci of Ohio claims those who are insured now cannot use the coverage gained from this legislation because of the high out of pocket costs.

Again, these supposed “representatives” keep missing the point. It is not up to the government to provide health care or health care insurance. No provision exists in the Constitution that provides the federal government that authority… period. It doesn’t matter who is covered, who isn’t covered or what the premiums and out of pocket costs are or if the costs increase or not. The entire piece of legislation is unconstitutional.

Moreover, the fubar that is Obamacare cannot be “fixed” by piece milling parts of it. As we have seen, “unintended consequences” occur at every angle of this failed legacy for the Arab Muslim Dictator-in-Chief.

While many will say the Supreme Court has ruled on its constitutionality by indicating it is a “tax,” these people need to get out the Constitution and show where the Supreme Court has the authority to declare what is and is not constitutional. The “justices” cannot infer meaning or interpret clauses to insert their influence to assert their personal opinion, although, that is what has been done in the past to usurp authority to hear cases the Constitution specifically barred the court from hearing. And, for those who put the finality in the Supreme Court, why is no one speaking out about Obama ignoring the Supreme Court when it ruled against him? You can’t have it both ways even though you want it that way.

There is one sure way to bring down premiums associated with Obamacare – repeal the danged unconstitutional monstrosity. Repealing Obamacare and replacing it with a Republican option is still pushing an unconstitutional piece of legislation. Regardless of which party is in control of both chambers of Congress, the American public is going to be stuck with some form of government health care insurance program that is blatantly, in your face, unconstitutional. It doesn’t matter if the entire population is covered under it, if they can or cannot afford the premiums, or if deductibles are exorbitant. Unconstitutional is unconstitutional whether or not the intent is good. And, no one is bound to abide by unconstitutional legislation, meaning the States should do their duty by engaging in nullification.

Unfortunately, the corruption runs deep in Washington, DC, and the federal government has bought and paid for the States ten times over. The members of both chambers of Congress know any health care/health care insurance legislation is unconstitutional. They just don’t care. Their interest is in preserving the power and control of the federal government over the people. And, to increase that control over the people to usher in the “global” initiatives of the United Nations. What better way to control individuals than through health care insurance where government dictates what is covered, who can receive care through allocation of limited resources, garners access to private health care medical records and conditions for undisclosed use, and penalties to be issued by the IRS good squad where punitive measures can be assessed against noncompliant individuals.

Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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