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Obama’s Climate Change Conference in Paris Is Costing Taxpayers Nearly $2 Million

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It seems climate change is once again doing what it does best: extorting people to the hilt.

While Obama claimed that he was “rebuking” ISIS by speaking at the UN climate change conference in Paris, the talks came with a mighty hefty price tag.

Via The Washington Free Beacon:

The tab for Obama’s motorcade alone totals $784,825. The State Department issued a $407,868contract to Biribin Limousines, an international chauffeur service, for vehicles for the president’s security detail.

“No Sustainability Included,” the document states under a section for contract clauses.

(Nice. Let’s continue…)

Numerous other contracts for passenger vehicle rentals, including $9,042 for accompanying press, totaled $376,957.

Taxpayers were also billed $100,216 to book hotel accommodations for the president’s stay. Hotel rooms and cell phones for the U.S. Secret Service traveling with the president cost $16,642 and $4,034, respectively…

This list goes on and on…

Secretary of State John Kerry‘s car service totaled $76,435, with three separate contracts worth $38,684, $15,789, and $21,962

and on and on…

In all, costs associated with the climate change summit totaled $1,805,282.

It has also been estimated that the president, his team of mighty bureaucrats, and the other dignitaries at the conference have burned 300,000 tons of CO2 while talking about how we shouldn’t burn so much CO2.

Two million? That’s chump change compared to the $45 billion a year Obama’s climate change goals would cost to implement.

But hey, at least it might reduce global temps (that data shows aren’t exactly rising) by less than two-tenths of one whole degree according to the Free Beacon.

*Article by Melissa Dykes

The Washington Standard

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